Friday, May 28, 2010

Billion Dollar Boondoggle II

What is more worthwhile?

a) A billion dollars spent on the meetings of rich fat-cat leaders - for 3 days of photo-ops (with NO clear end results - ever)?

b) or, a billion dollars spent on a gun registry which helps save lives, helps police do their jobs, has the backing of police unions and police chiefs across Canada, and the backing of womens' groups?

Canada's Conservative government has totally wrong priorities. They could have still held the summits - at a fraction of the cost. But... being paranoid as conservatives tend to be about "security" (real, or imagined) they set the place and time - then cranked up the spending... This will be the most expensive meeting in world history - anywhere. Ever. And little old Canada (ahem... sorry - CANADIANS) will be footing the bill.

Harper thinks it's fine for us to pay a billion for a meeting, but not for our own safety. Shows where the Conservative priorities lie - with their gun lobby friends...


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