Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Harper: "Vice Admirable Mix-fadden"

Is this man really hurting? Can pose for a photo-op in front of the Navy, but obviously can't read a speech properly... Certainly can't name Naval leaders properly. Obviously not something "straight from the heart".

But... in a world of rapidly scheduled photo-ops, and blue-sweater poseur gigs, and "find-a-uniform to pose in front of" days, who has time to put any MEANING into your speech? Not Harper. He would rather just regurgitate some turd left by one of his pimple-faced speech-writers... He doesn't MEAN any of what he says anyways. It's just a means to an end - his rapidly disappearing "majority" government, so he (as he's stated in the past) can finally crush all his opposition.

Mr. "Verbal Fumbles"? Indeed.

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Anonymous said...

He's Say Anything Steve or Deceivin' Stephen. Take your pick.