Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sexism Continues In Conservative Party

Among other things, we saw Belinda Stronach leave because of the sexism she noted in the Conservative caucus. We had gay MPs leave because of among other reason, homophobia everywhere in that caucus.

More recently we see Helena Guergis unceremoniously dumped from Harper's Cabinet, then caucus for "serious allegations" (according to Harper) that no-one else has seen, or knows about.

On the contrary, a sitting MALE Conservative MP continues to sit after news stories reveal he (Devinder Shory) is one of the targets of a BMO suit that implicates him - potentially - in the biggest mortgage fraud in Canadian history.

No wonder women voters don't (and won't) buy Harper's lying snake-oil show (see latest Nanos and Ipsos figures on gender voting intention)...

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Anonymous said...

Ignatieff should get Guergis to run as a Liberal.

She is the greatest thing since Belinda Stronach!

ck said...

Well, it Seems that Steve was recruiting a 'star' for Simcoe-Grey. Dr Kellie Leitch, orthopedic surgeon at Toronto Sick Kids...

I wonder if she realizes that joining the Harpercons will turn her into a second class citizen?

But then, it doesn't seem to really bother those like Rona Ambrose, Lisa Raitt, Agluquack....

It also begs the question, why on earth would Helena Guergis want to come back to Harpercon caucus?

If she is that popular in Simcoe-Grey, she should run as an independent.

Alison said...

Woman voter here buddy boy. Only reference I could find was Nanos saying the gender gap narrowed to 4% for the Libs and Ipsos saying it had disappeared altogether.

As for Belinda, I'm sure the rest of Canada knows that THAT has-been dog left for some good ol' liberal backroom deal-yo (I've been called worse by my ex's, tell that whiner to suck it up).

Sexism? Were you one of the millions of paying Liberal donors rushing to Helenas defence because she was a womyn (lol)? I appreciate you sticking up for ME though!

Nice "potentially" tag btw you saved yourself a needless lawsuit, but the narrative will be lost as EVERY LAWYER IN THESE TYPES OF CASES GETS DRAGGED INTO IT. If he is shown to have pocketed said millions DIRECTLY, or to have had more than tertiary involvement, I'll eat my fucking bra.

One final thing: you libloggers gotta stop saying "Canadian voters this" and "Canadian voters that", you're polling wicked low and the fund raising numbers don't lie baby!

Anonymous said...

The conservative numbers have gone up ever since they dumped Guergis.

Ragin' Helana was a political albatross. If the liberals think she is so great, then they can have her.