Monday, May 10, 2010

Nice Try Harper. Canadians DO CARE About Afghan Detainees

When a man is faced with the potential of having contributed to the commission of war crimes, I guess/assume he can say pretty much anything to defend his position - or preported cover-up of said position...

Latest news out of the National Pest indicates Canadians DO CARE about the Afghan Detainee matter. This is good. Not just for political reasons, but because Canada's reputation is on the line. More so, because the government's continued belittling of the problem makes our reputation even worse in the rest of the civilized (and lesser civilized) world.

This is what happens, Canada, when far less than half of us elect a PM who has rarely travelled beyond Canada's border (not much further than the USA prior to becoming PM), and who has disdain for those who do. A PM who thinks knowledge and open-mindedness are bad things. Who thinks being worldly is a "sin".

Time to turf these clowns, and bring in a government of nation-builders. A government that cares about Canada - BUT ALSO about Canada's place in the world. A government that understands the economic, political, and moral implications of being a "world player" and not just a "local loudmouth" and "wannabe bully".

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Anonymous said...

Canadians always did care.

Anonymous said...

I'm appalled out our government's action/inaction on this matter. But do you think I'd trust Ignatieff more on matters involving TORTURE?