Monday, May 31, 2010

Russ Hiebert "Roast/BBQ" Today - Come One, Come All!

DON PITCAIRN The Green Party Candidate and sometimes reporter for The White Rock Sun is having a ROA$T RU$$ HIBERT BBQ outside of Hiebert's office. BBQ Monday - RUSS HIEBERT'S Office 152nd at 24th by IHOP & TD Bank complex 10 - 2 p.m. May 31st

On Monday May 31st, 2010 it is your turn to let Mr. Hiebert know how you feel about his high-flying spending habits. Just as Russ likes a free lunch at someone else’s expense, you can have one too - in front of his offices on 152nd St. and 24 Ave. next to the IHOP in south Surrey. Community activist and Green Party of Canada candidate Don Pitcairn will be there to roast Mr. Hiebert in effigy, serving up wienies and marshmallows cooked over a fire from 10 am to 2 p.m.

If Russ happens to show up, he will not receive the regular fare but instead will be served barbequed duck in recognition of constantly ducking the media, ducking his constituents and being a lame duck M.P. All food served will be paid for by Mr. Pitcairn with his own funds, not taxpayer dollars.

Mr. Pitcairn also asks people in the South Surrey, White Rock and Cloverdale riding to check their mailboxes for the latest copy of Russ Hiebert’s newsletter that were delivered by Canada Post to residences across the riding on Friday. It is Conservative propaganda leaflets such as this that account for much of the $82,000 in printing costs that Mr. Hiebert authorized during the 2008-2009 spending year. Don would like to make sure everyone is aware that these mail-outs can be returned to Mr. Hiebert’s office free of charge without any postage.

Instead of trashing these offending flyers into the recycling bin, Mr. Pitcairn asks you to instead give Russ Hiebert your two cents worth by letting him know how you feel about these newsletters and wasting your tax dollars. Instead of answering the loaded questionnaire, simply write your feelings in large letters across the page, using such slogan as “No More!”, “Save MY Money”, “Not Worth $82,000” or your choice of profanity.

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RuralSandi said...

Allowed to bring your family at Hiebert's expense?

The Mound of Sound said...

Duck? It ought to be a pig roast.

ridenrain said...

Where did I hear that.. entitled to my entitlements bit.

WesternGrit said...

I dunno Riden... I suppose you'll tell us? Probably wasn't from the "holier than thou" party of Canada, was it?

Oh yeah... As much as that soundbyte you use was distasteful, it was about an MP talking about his benefits as a federal employee/MP, and NOT an MP who had the highest public expenditure on personal expenses of all Parliamentarians (by far) as Hiebert has... There is a BIG difference.

Back to ConBot cyber-spying HQ with you now...

ridenrain said...

I'm sure he'll have to answer to this at the next election but Heibert beat the Liberal candidate by over 10000 votes. I don't think that can of "righteous indignation" will stay fresh that long.
It's interesting to note that Heibert is only #2 but he's getting all the press. As far as I can tell, the leader is some Bloc-head but the media doesn't seem to car about that.

WesternGrit said...

Of course, even to the CPC, the Bloc and Quebec don't exist as political entities... So, why should the media cover something important to Quebec, if the Cons have done nothing but discount them as a "bunch of separatists"?