Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Just Drill Baby... Setting An Example From the Top

Some "opportunities" in the maelstrom surrounding the Gulf of Mexico... It seems that politicians are scared to touch our "sacred oil cows" (offshore drilling, tar sands, etc.). Perhaps (pun intended) it is time to rethink this attitude.

Our leader - upon becoming PM - should ban all non-hybrid vehicles (or non-alternate fuel vehicles) on the Hill (buses included). Our leaders should lead by example. The PM does NOT need a Cadillac stretch limo. If they want a Caddy, then they should get the Escalade hybrid (or just a Tahoe hybrid), although there is nothing wrong with a hybrid Camry (and Toyota produces more cars in Canada than any other manufacturer.

The shuttle buses on the Hill can easily be replaced with electric, or diesel-elec hybrids.

Oh yeah... start inserting solar panels on the top of the Confed Blding and East and West Blocs... It will also help with the temp in those masoleums...

C'mon Iggy! Add this to your platform.

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