Monday, May 31, 2010

Russ Hiebert "Roast/BBQ" Today - Come One, Come All!

DON PITCAIRN The Green Party Candidate and sometimes reporter for The White Rock Sun is having a ROA$T RU$$ HIBERT BBQ outside of Hiebert's office. BBQ Monday - RUSS HIEBERT'S Office 152nd at 24th by IHOP & TD Bank complex 10 - 2 p.m. May 31st

On Monday May 31st, 2010 it is your turn to let Mr. Hiebert know how you feel about his high-flying spending habits. Just as Russ likes a free lunch at someone else’s expense, you can have one too - in front of his offices on 152nd St. and 24 Ave. next to the IHOP in south Surrey. Community activist and Green Party of Canada candidate Don Pitcairn will be there to roast Mr. Hiebert in effigy, serving up wienies and marshmallows cooked over a fire from 10 am to 2 p.m.

If Russ happens to show up, he will not receive the regular fare but instead will be served barbequed duck in recognition of constantly ducking the media, ducking his constituents and being a lame duck M.P. All food served will be paid for by Mr. Pitcairn with his own funds, not taxpayer dollars.

Mr. Pitcairn also asks people in the South Surrey, White Rock and Cloverdale riding to check their mailboxes for the latest copy of Russ Hiebert’s newsletter that were delivered by Canada Post to residences across the riding on Friday. It is Conservative propaganda leaflets such as this that account for much of the $82,000 in printing costs that Mr. Hiebert authorized during the 2008-2009 spending year. Don would like to make sure everyone is aware that these mail-outs can be returned to Mr. Hiebert’s office free of charge without any postage.

Instead of trashing these offending flyers into the recycling bin, Mr. Pitcairn asks you to instead give Russ Hiebert your two cents worth by letting him know how you feel about these newsletters and wasting your tax dollars. Instead of answering the loaded questionnaire, simply write your feelings in large letters across the page, using such slogan as “No More!”, “Save MY Money”, “Not Worth $82,000” or your choice of profanity.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jason Kenney Must Resign... Pt. 7

Kenny should resign... He's responsible, according to his own words... Shouldn't be some poor 20/30 year old earning a living on the Hill, right?

If South Asian Canadians didn't get it already... all Harper and Kenney want to do is pay lip service to the issue, while continuing to undermine immigration from certain areas that don't "fit" into "their Canada" - as the old Reform Party bigots used to say...

Back to the Future...

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Russ Hiebert's Spendathon...

Nice story coming up in the Peace Arch News (South Surrey/White Rock paper): for editorials. Commentary, articles and letters to the editor

EDITORIAL: But what has Hiebert done?

Updated: May 27, 2010 2:36 PM

It would be uncharitable not to spare some sympathy for Russ Hiebert.

The beleaguered South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale MP began his week thinking he was defending himself against a single news item, that listed him as one of Canada’s costliest MPs, by pointing out this was to allow his family to fly with him to Ottawa.

By week’s end, he’s found himself turned into a poster-boy for government waste.

Taking Hiebert’s explanation at face value, it’s a legitimate – if arguable – position. Do we really want our family-aged representatives to risk separation from their children to do our time-intensive bidding half-way across the country? But before we ponder this, we must ask whether Hiebert is not being miserly with his explanation.

Fact is, travel is only one facet of our MP’s expenses that are higher than average. Printing and telephone expenses are both excessive, which he defended later in the week – via the shielded forum of email, naturally – as the cost of communicating with his constituents.

As well, Hiebert justified his rankings by noting both that the report was old and that his travel costs are for a family of four, conveniently sidestepping that during the period in question – the 2008-’09 fiscal year – the Hieberts were merely a family of three, making us that much more incredulous about the mounting comparative costs.

What is particularly interesting is the number of people who have said that they would be far less critical if they felt they were getting something of value for their tax money in their representative in Ottawa. Instead, they are getting a party loyalist whose accomplishments are somewhat intangible.

While it could be argued Hiebert has done no real damage as a member of Parliament, even his most fervent supporters must be asking what he has succeeded in actually doing in this Conservative-friendly constituency that couldn’t be accomplished by any yes-man or yes-woman. (Yes, we appreciate any grant money to come our way; and yes, we deserve it.)

By most accounts, Hiebert seems a pleasant person. He shows dedication to his causes, is quick to offer a kind word and his enthusiasm for civil niceties is to be admired.

Indeed, Hiebert makes it difficult not to sympathize with him.

Yet, after years of listening to his partisan rhetoric about curbing government spending, it is more difficult to support him.

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Billion Dollar Boondoggle II

What is more worthwhile?

a) A billion dollars spent on the meetings of rich fat-cat leaders - for 3 days of photo-ops (with NO clear end results - ever)?

b) or, a billion dollars spent on a gun registry which helps save lives, helps police do their jobs, has the backing of police unions and police chiefs across Canada, and the backing of womens' groups?

Canada's Conservative government has totally wrong priorities. They could have still held the summits - at a fraction of the cost. But... being paranoid as conservatives tend to be about "security" (real, or imagined) they set the place and time - then cranked up the spending... This will be the most expensive meeting in world history - anywhere. Ever. And little old Canada (ahem... sorry - CANADIANS) will be footing the bill.

Harper thinks it's fine for us to pay a billion for a meeting, but not for our own safety. Shows where the Conservative priorities lie - with their gun lobby friends...


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Deep Sea Horizon... Event Horizon?

The name of the oil rig which has caused the greatest environmental disaster in human history seems to be quite prophetic... A "horizon" signalling a new era... the dawn of a new age.

A new age may certainly be dawning in "Um-urika"... An age of doubt about Big Oil, and oil in general. The Southern USA is likely bordering on a toxic pond... how's the beachfront property in the Ol' South?

What is ALREADY there - spilled in the gulf - is already a calamity. There is still a LOT more to come.

BP resisted actually trying to plug it up until last night. Why? Because that's billions of dollars of oil that's shooting up from the ocean floor! They tried to collect it in a giant upside-down bucket, then in a giant straw... Now, with public opinion really turning as toxic as the Gulf Stream, they're starting to work on the most unlikely of solutions.

And... they won't let 3rd party observers in!

Time for the break-up of the American Corp-ocrisy... It's a real shame when a corporation - whose only goal is profit - is able to tell the government (who is supposed to be looking out for the welfare of the people) what to do.

Posted this earlier elsewhere:

The Gulf is already f@cked. Oil companies love to talk about the shoreline impact of oil spills - because THAT is all the public can really usually see - and they pretend if it doesn't hit shore there's no real environmental impact. Kind of like their "chemical stew" solution to the problem: just add some toxins, and let it all sink to the bottom of the sea. Thing is, the impact on the subsurface biomes in the Gulf are far more catastrophic than can be imagined. Right now, reefs are beginning to die, entire hatching areas are being engulfed, and full sized (mature, breeding) sea species are being wiped out. This is not only going to kill off the shrimp/shellfish fisheries (don't let anyone ever feed you shellfish from that area again - even 25yrs after Valdez we're still seeing toxins in the sea life), but it is also going to eradicate the general fishery for years to come. One of the greatest tourist attractions in the Gulf region is deep sea fishing - catching the prized Marlin, etc. That just won't be happening - and where there will still be a few left, they're probably not going to reproduce for long. Swimmin' with the dolphins? Nope. Petting live sharks? Maybe in an aquarium. There is ONE solution to all this: ban offshore drilling. Period. Begin a full infrastructure investment in electric technology/hydrogen fuel, etc. This (however unfortunately) is just what Obama needed to force the US into a "Green Shift". The US - if focusing it's tech on this event - can become THE leader in green tech around the world. If they led the petroleum revolution at the turn of the last century, imagine the golden lining in leading the electric revolution? Imagine how the developing world (that is awash in sunshine) would pay for advanced solar technologies, wind tech, etc.? Offshore platforms should only be used to house wind turbines, and as oceanic research stations. Drilling should cease, and all oil companies need to pay for the cleanup around the rigs (the environments are usually toxic because there is always leakage before, during, and after drilling.

Enough is enough. The earth is sending us a message. We should heed it before Gaia rolls over and squashes us...

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Canadian Families Need Help...

Latest Goodale update...


At the Regina Chamber of Commerce last week, I urged the federal government to make targeted investments to ease financial pressures on middle-income families, while bolstering the overall productivity of our economy at the same time.

The aftermath of last year’s recession is far from over. A debt crisis is rippling through Europe. Financial markets continue to gyrate. And Canadians have suffered a four-percent drop in their living standards.

Most seriously -- Canadian families are now the most indebted in the western world.

When interest rates go up later this year, that crunch will get even more severe as families wrestle with affording child-care, the high cost of higher education, the homecare needs of an elderly parent or a disabled family member, and broad-based pension insecurity.

These are the human priorities that should get attention from the Harper government, instead of further tax cuts, reserved by the Conservatives for only the largest corporations (which already benefit from the second-lowest tax rates in the G-7).

As a better choice, Liberals would increase child-care spaces, reduce financial barriers to post-secondary education, fight illiteracy and bolster on-the-job training. We would reinforce Canada’s pension system and increase support to caregivers. And we would invest in innovation, especially for cleaner energy.

Such measures would both help families and improve productivity. They would secure Canada’s recovery from recession and build an economy that is smarter, more innovative, more inclusive and globally competitive.

Canadians can also count on Liberals for prudent financial management. When we turned over the government to the Conservatives in 2006, we left them a booming economy and the best fiscal record in the western world.

It’s tragic that in less than three years – BEFORE there was any recession – Stephen Harper squandered that financial strength and put Canada unnecessarily back into deficit again.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are We Staunchly "Centrist" Enough?

Posted this over at "Far N' Wide" in response to a good, thought-provoking post over there...

According to the author, there seems to be a general malaise among voters, who are basically saying, "a pox on all your houses" when looking at the "big 3" political parties (if you count out the bigger, but regional Bloc, and leave the NDP in).

It's like the UK. People are not happy with the majors. While there are enough distinctions of "policy" between the parties, when you have the conservatives constantly lying about their actual agenda (PMO says no debate on abortion, while their MPs clamor to put forth Private Member's Bills), and people perceiving party policy as simply platform planks, they just don't see the difference. Fact is, with a populace so illiterate in politics in general, it is hard to describe/explain what a socialist is, vs. a moderate centrist, vs. a right-winger/reactionary. We need better civics lessons in school (perhaps mandatory ones). I've knocked far too many doors to see people who I quite rightly think should be voting NDP who say, "I'm voting Reform"... There are also many cases of the opposite. They seem not to understand the basic policy goals of any party (based on party ideology, and what the party stands for, and who the party is made up of), but rather only decide/vote when they see a platform ("Let me see what they promise"). Very often the average voter lacks the depth of understanding to read through platform "platitudes" and lip service, and really figure out what the end result of the policy will be for them personally. I've been saying this for years, but what Liberals DO need to do is SELL IDEOLOGY. A series of ads defining "what is a Liberal?" What do we stand for. Not platform promises, but TRUE IDEOLOGY. We are the party of "middle/moderate Canada". Instead we are trading votes with parties who are extremes on either side of the spectrum (when compared to us in the middle). Contrast us with a definition of "conservative" - straight out of Websters. They can't argue with that. People will realize the "not-so-hidden" hidden agenda, when they understand what a real right-winger wants. As far as that old chestnut about liberals having "no convictions" - that's just a NeoCon machination. The very struction of modern Liberal Democracy is based on egalitarian liberal principles. Principles rooted in the ideals of Plutarch, Voltaire, and great free-thinkers throughout the ages.

There may be less distinction between our parties, because the parties we have all agree on the system we have. The Cons might not like some parts of our system (courts, Senate, etc.), but they won't honestly admit to what they would do with those institutions - they just trickle through incremental change, hoping to destroy those bodies from the inside. The NDP would be more socialist, but they too agree that Canada has a great liberal-democratic system.

Can we draw distinction? Sure. But we do need to be bold. We need to have a vision like we did in the late 60s/early 70s. Does that mean going "back to the future"? If we have to. No issue is ever dead. With groups like the religious right wing in the Conservative Party "hell bent" on changing abortion laws, same-sex issues, etc., there are people who have made it their life-long ambition to fight liberal democratic values. The issue of women's choice may have been debated, but we have become complacent in it's defence.

We have become complacent in the defence of a LOT of our liberal-democratic ideals. It allows people like the So-Con Harper to make small incremental changes in policy without much public ire. We have done little to draw the "line in the sand" and say, "no Steve, not here". It's because we have stopped slagging the Cons for being the right wingers they are. We let the press humble our "fires in our bellies", because Parliament is so "unworkable". C'mon. We need livlier debate in those hallowed halls. The right-wing owned (most of it) media will continue to talk about the "decorum" in Parliament as long as they want to continue to see the Opposition cease to OPPOSE. They want us to all nicely sit on our hands and "co-operate" with Harper and his reactionary parrots.

So how CAN we escape this malaise? An election would certainly focus the public - but once again, the focus would be on platform platitudes and not true ideology. If we've learned anything from history, its that a political movement will say what it can to impress voters through platform promises, but few of those are ever kept. The party will go on to govern based on it's ideology - weighed against the economic and political realities of the world at the time. If all nations are fighting Nazis, then we will be too. If all nations are fighting a recession, then so will we... Etc., etc.

What to do? What to do...?

Truly the only thing to capture public opinion, is a bold new vision (carefully costed) that will win over the population, because they just can't say no. What would that be? There are a few ideas WE have been tossing about at WesternGrit:

- Universal Day Care

- National Pharmacare plan

- Universal Access to Post Secondary Ed ("You get the grades, you go")

- National public transit initiative. New rail links to improve commute times (and save the environment) throughout Canada's metros

We all know there are Conservative "pet-projects" we can cut back to make these ideas realities (perhaps more than one or two of them).

Oh, one more for good measure:

- Green Energy Retrofit program. If you put in geothermal heating, solar, or wind power, at your home or business, the governments (fed/prov/mun) will kick in a certain amount to help promote it. Individual responsibility sometimes trumps a "green tax" (even though there is a need for some green taxes in certain areas), and there are 100s of thousands of Canadians who are ready to retrofit their old gas furnaces...

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BC Liberal (/Conservatives) Corruption Trial

Wonder who offered the federal jobs?

"Two former B.C. government aides received thousands of dollars in cash and meals, tickets to an NFL game in Colorado and offers for a federal political job in exchange for leaking confidential documents, a Crown lawyer said on the opening day of a corruption trial.

Read more:"

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is Globalization Being Questioned, Or Capitalism Itself?

Riots in Greece.

Riots/protests in Thailand.

Chinese peasants resist liberalization to new capitalist ideas.

Russian public thinking back to the days of the "red" Kremlin.

Tea-baggers tea-bagging each other in the USA...

Instability throughout the EU...

African peoples finding appeal in radical versions of Islam as Western philosophies fail them... while the other half embrace a radical Christianity as "servants" of the West...

What's the common thread here (or is there one)? Global economic turmoil is behind most of it. When we fail economically, it is the poor and working classes which feel it the most.

The Tea Partiers may think their "enemy" is the supposed "socialism" of Obama, or higher taxes... but that is just sheer ignorance pushed by the far right Republicans who organize them. They forget that it was years of Reagan/Bush (and even Clinton at times) policy which got them where they are. That globalization and the rampant profit motive "uber alles" of the American multi-nationals which led to their job insecurities. That the new "corporate globalism" is indeed their biggest "enemy". We've seen the results as the Halliburtons, BPs, Worldcoms, Maidoffs, etc. of the world syphon/leech away the fruits of the sweat and toil of the common worker.

It isn't about lower taxes, but about the stupid and infantile practice of minimal taxation practised by the right wing in most nations. The people were used to a lifestyle. As resources get used up, and as jobs migrate, there is less ability to pay for certain "lifestyle things"... You either raise taxes, or go without. Sure, a Trillion dollar military debt bungs things up a bit too... when you're so busy playing policeman (with no respect from the rest of the World to show for it), that you forget about your own populace.

In the EU there is also civil unrest. In Thailand, the common folk and rural denizens are ready to shove pitchforks through their right wing overlords. In Africa - where years of IMF policy has lead to famine, death, pain and starvation - people are diving into tribal conflict, and the promise of radical Islam... (or the extremes of some Christian groups backed by the West). Look at news stories from across the world, and you see the struggle is the same. It used to be Communism vs. Capitalism, but it's still haves vs. have nots... rich vs. poor.

As the roosters come home to roost, we're finding the gaps we left... the people and ideals we left in the wake of an orgy of "me first" idealism. The 1980s Wall St. gang-bang was nothing compared to what the 2000s wrought on even the most frugal of us. With kids demanding and EXPECTING the latest gadget/toy, and parents thinking too, that it is their right... Citizens thinking they have a right to the 4000 sq ft "McMansion" with the requisite granite counters and stainless this and that... Salespeople for everything imaginable, going crazy, lying cheating and stealing to push their product. Subliminal messages on TV commercials, ads aimed at kids, in our schools and libraries - even on government buildings... The age of "me first", "compare with the Joneses" seems to be reaching an angry conclusion...

When the platitudes of the political parties subside (or get brushed away)... as people begin to really see that conservative economic policy has NEVER stood for the common man, we may see some changes... Will it be an end to our capitalist system? Most likely not. There are too many good things about modern liberal democracies operating in such a system to throw it all away now. Still, there will be changes. The world will slowly evolve to a point where "sensible capitalism" will take the place of rabid "Adam Smith" free-enterprise, axe-slash capitalism. No more "scorched earth" policies, as nations will need to respect nature, as well as their limited and dwindling supplies of water, clean air, and food. The mystery of how we intend to feed, clothe, and shelter 10 to 15 Billion people in the near future will dictate how we survive as a species... and which systems of trade and nationhood represent our humanity.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Toxins/Teratogens (Cancer-causing agents) Pumped Into Gulf Of Mexico

In an attempt to hide the oil slick in the Gulf from media/public eyes, Big Oil (BP) is pumping millions of gallons of "toxic stew" into the water. The chemical in question "Corexit" is known to cause homolysis of red blood cells, cancer, and birth defects in humans. The chemical also doesn't actually get rid of the oil - it simply buries it deeper in the Ocean. Nice. Turtles, fish, shellfish/shrimp will continue to die, while the public will notice less of the tarry mess on beaches...

Here's a link to some good research/story on the matter:

A curse be on Big Oil, and the right wing government proponents who back them up!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Liberal Formula The Right One For Rural Canada...

Ralph Goodale's take on the Liberal Rural Canada Initiatives... Seems fitting that the only party which can govern AND be positive towards all of Canada.... the party of Nation-building, is introducing these new measures.

There is a restlessness in rural Canada. The Conservatives - who tried to be all things to all rural peoples (even where there are seriously divergent interests) - have all but abandoned much of rural Canada. Save the "bible belt" in some parts of "Aberhardt Country", rural Canadians everywhere are beginning to have doubts about the dubious nature of the Reform/Conservative rural legitimacy. Rural Canada needs a voice - and it isn't the big business/tax haven regime of the SoCons. It is through measures which will help farmers - BOTH big and small - to sell their product (because that is why they're in business in the first place). It is to help Canadians in general access better food products. It is needed to encourage the growth of crops which will increase profit (aka - much of the "100-mile diet" type market gardening, organics, etc.).

Here's Ralph's take:


The Liberal Official Opposition is preparing a plan to better connect with rural Canadians.

It’s a work-in-progress – in consultation with farmers, rural municipalities and others – but so far it includes six key elements:

• Create a Rural Secretariat right in the Prime Minister’s Office to focus constant attention on rural concerns;

• Preserve rural postal services;

• Forgive student debt for young doctors and nurses who set up their practices in rural, under-served areas;

• Implement a National Food Strategy that teaches urban-dwellers about the importance of farming, promotes nutritious eating, rewards farmers for sound environmental stewardship, and backstops farm incomes with predictable, bankable “safety nets” (designed from the farm-up, not Ottawa-down);

• Provide volunteer fire-fighters with a $3,000 tax credit in recognition of the costs and risks they face; and

• Achieve 100% high-speed internet connectivity for every rural community.

These are practical, tangible commitments to help bridge the gaps between rural and urban Canada. A new Liberal government will implement them within its first term in office, responding directly to what rural Canadians themselves have suggested.

For example, the Rural Secretariat idea comes from SARM. Financial incentives for rural health care workers is a proposal of rural health districts. The tax credit for volunteer firemen responds to a request from Canada’s 3,492 Fire Departments. The expansion of high-speed internet coverage will link 800,000 rural households with the modern communications technology of the 21st century.

The costs of all these measures are significant, but affordable. It’s a matter of making sensible choices.

Mr. Harper proposes to use all the federal government’s foreseeable financial flexibility to give bigger tax cuts to Canada’s wealthiest corporations (which already enjoy a 25% tax rate advantage over their U.S. competition).

Liberals believe it’s more important right now to invest in rural Canadians.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Parliamentary Coalition Negotiations In The UK... Day 6

Don't hear Harper and his idio-minions screaming about "unholy coalitions", or "undemocratic coaltions" today...

Wonder if the whole "fear of a coalition" thing was just a scam fed to the Canadian public by a party with more money than brains... bigger coffers than common sense?

Meanwhile, in the place of the birth of our (almost exact same) Parliamentary system, the main parties enter a 6th day of talks regarding WHICH coalition (not "if", but what pairing of parties) will govern.

Harper and our Conservatives lied to the Canadian people about the workings of Parliament. Mislead Canadians into thinking that less than half of MPs can tell the others what to do and where to go. That is not how Parliament works. That is not how democracy works.

In a school class election (or civic election) that is devoid of organized parties, the will of the majority of elected representatives is the one which triumphs. No matter what city counselors' personal beliefs are, if they agree in majority on an issue, THAT is the way counsel votes. It's how houses of government work the world over (forget Parliamentary systems for now). The US Congress may have party lines, but recent events show just how important a majority of the votes still is.

Parliament must be the voice of the people. If the elected representatives of the people - in majority - agree to something, THAT is the will of the people, and must be followed.

Parliament IS the people, and Parliament must rule supreme in our system of government.

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Nice Try Harper. Canadians DO CARE About Afghan Detainees

When a man is faced with the potential of having contributed to the commission of war crimes, I guess/assume he can say pretty much anything to defend his position - or preported cover-up of said position...

Latest news out of the National Pest indicates Canadians DO CARE about the Afghan Detainee matter. This is good. Not just for political reasons, but because Canada's reputation is on the line. More so, because the government's continued belittling of the problem makes our reputation even worse in the rest of the civilized (and lesser civilized) world.

This is what happens, Canada, when far less than half of us elect a PM who has rarely travelled beyond Canada's border (not much further than the USA prior to becoming PM), and who has disdain for those who do. A PM who thinks knowledge and open-mindedness are bad things. Who thinks being worldly is a "sin".

Time to turf these clowns, and bring in a government of nation-builders. A government that cares about Canada - BUT ALSO about Canada's place in the world. A government that understands the economic, political, and moral implications of being a "world player" and not just a "local loudmouth" and "wannabe bully".

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

"Evil" Coalition Brewing In Britain


Conservatives in the UK are desperate to get a deal with the 3rd party (and perhaps others) to form some sort of governing coalition, because most Brits feel a "hung Parliament" (Minority Government) would not allow the nation to function properly in these tough economic times. They feel a stable, steady hand is necessary.

Canada has more or less exactly the same system of Parliament. Here, by some sort of dimented train of thought the Conservatives have managed to convince quite a few Canadians that such a configuration - reflecting a government representing a majority of Canadians' voting choice - is somehow illegal.

Go figure.

Can't wait to see what type of "unholy alliance" the Brits come up with - and how Harper and his minions wince when it occurs!

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James Moore Jynxes Canucks?

Ever since Jimmy boy opened his yap, Canucks been playin' like crap. Coincidence, or shadowy Conservative conspiracy...?

Surely though, a jinx/jynx is highly probable... Harper benefits by appeasing his American overlords, as another undeserving Southern US expansion team takes a cup home...


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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sexism Continues In Conservative Party

Among other things, we saw Belinda Stronach leave because of the sexism she noted in the Conservative caucus. We had gay MPs leave because of among other reason, homophobia everywhere in that caucus.

More recently we see Helena Guergis unceremoniously dumped from Harper's Cabinet, then caucus for "serious allegations" (according to Harper) that no-one else has seen, or knows about.

On the contrary, a sitting MALE Conservative MP continues to sit after news stories reveal he (Devinder Shory) is one of the targets of a BMO suit that implicates him - potentially - in the biggest mortgage fraud in Canadian history.

No wonder women voters don't (and won't) buy Harper's lying snake-oil show (see latest Nanos and Ipsos figures on gender voting intention)...

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Calgary Conservative MP I'nvolved In Biggest Mortgage Scam In Canadian History?

Devinder Shory (Sorry?), Calgary Conservative MP has been implicated in a massive mortgage fraud scam which just came public in the last couple of days. So far, all we know, is that Shory's name is supposedly all over the Bank of Montreal evidence documents. His own legal firm account is supposed to have been used to "clear" some of the funds. He is also supposedly good friends with some of the main conspirators in the massive fraud.

Same old Tory, same old story...

How many Conservative scams will it take before we turf these guys...?

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Harper: "Vice Admirable Mix-fadden"

Is this man really hurting? Can pose for a photo-op in front of the Navy, but obviously can't read a speech properly... Certainly can't name Naval leaders properly. Obviously not something "straight from the heart".

But... in a world of rapidly scheduled photo-ops, and blue-sweater poseur gigs, and "find-a-uniform to pose in front of" days, who has time to put any MEANING into your speech? Not Harper. He would rather just regurgitate some turd left by one of his pimple-faced speech-writers... He doesn't MEAN any of what he says anyways. It's just a means to an end - his rapidly disappearing "majority" government, so he (as he's stated in the past) can finally crush all his opposition.

Mr. "Verbal Fumbles"? Indeed.

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Just Drill Baby... Setting An Example From the Top

Some "opportunities" in the maelstrom surrounding the Gulf of Mexico... It seems that politicians are scared to touch our "sacred oil cows" (offshore drilling, tar sands, etc.). Perhaps (pun intended) it is time to rethink this attitude.

Our leader - upon becoming PM - should ban all non-hybrid vehicles (or non-alternate fuel vehicles) on the Hill (buses included). Our leaders should lead by example. The PM does NOT need a Cadillac stretch limo. If they want a Caddy, then they should get the Escalade hybrid (or just a Tahoe hybrid), although there is nothing wrong with a hybrid Camry (and Toyota produces more cars in Canada than any other manufacturer.

The shuttle buses on the Hill can easily be replaced with electric, or diesel-elec hybrids.

Oh yeah... start inserting solar panels on the top of the Confed Blding and East and West Blocs... It will also help with the temp in those masoleums...

C'mon Iggy! Add this to your platform.

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Conservative Culture Of Deceit

Ralph Goodale hits the nail on the head with this commentary:


I’ve tried to avoid much commentary about the sordid saga of former Conservative Cabinet Minister, Helena Guergis, and her spouse, former Conservative M.P. and Caucus Chair, Rahim Jaffer.

Fed by private detectives, journalists, business associates, and even their own friends and former colleagues – the Guergis/Jaffer scandal is in high gear. Allegations about illicit drugs, wild parties, wrongful business deals, the misuse of government assets and gross ethical violations have never been more rampant. Or unanswered.

The police will get to the bottom of this mess. But all the revelations beg a larger question – what kind of political culture within the Harper regime allows such behaviour, as long as you don’t get caught?

Could it be a Conservative culture of deceit?

Oh no, say the government’s apologists. Jaffer and Guergis are exceptions. The rest of this government is Simon-pure, they claim, as they rush to throw the “Odd Couple” under the bus.

But how do the Conservatives explain their failure to act – for seven months – on their knowledge of cocaine in a Minister’s car, and insider lobbying for government grants. They leapt into action only after the news began leaking out.

This same culture of deceit lies behind the abusive Conservative prorogations of Parliament; their cover-up of credible reports of torture; their rampant violations of Access to Information laws; and their vicious attacks against public “watchdogs”, ranging from the Nuclear Safety Commission and the Parliamentary Budget Officer to the independent agencies overseeing the police, the military and even fair elections.

Deceit also riddles Conservative claims about cutting taxes. The Harper government is actually increasing taxes this year in at least seven different ways – taxes on jobs, savings, air travel, exports, financial services, health products and education.

In their culture of deceit, the Conservatives can’t even recognize the truth anymore.

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Liberals Stand For A United Canada

Liberals fight rural-urban divide: Goodale.

The latest Goodale report...


Canada’s Liberal Opposition is working on its commitments to invest in Rural Canada.

We believe one of the biggest threats to Canadian unity is a growing rural/urban divide. To address it, governments must engage in honest efforts to build bridges of common interest between urban and rural Canadians.

That’s why Liberals have proposed measures to sustain rural postal services, and to attract health care professionals into under-serviced rural communities.

For the same reason, we’ve agreed with the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities on a robust, new Rural Secretariat within the Government of Canada – reporting directly to the Prime Minister – with the clout to drive action on rural concerns across all federal departments, like a better formula for sharing infrastructure dollars, and the retention of rural sidings for producer car loading sites.

Most recently, Liberals announced a National Food Policy that tries to show urban dwellers that food and farmers are important to Canada. So it includes action on food education, nutrition, food safety, farmers markets and environmental stewardship.

It also proposes to revamp that strange concoction of federal/provincial programs known as “business risk management” tools. The idea is to redesign them from the farm-up, not from Ottawa-down, in close consultation with farmers themselves.

These programs need to be more timely, predictable and bankable – which they certainly aren’t today.

To get started, the calculation of “margins” and “viability tests” must be corrected, crop insurance should be strengthened, and a new “market price insurance” plan could be developed for livestock (as sensibly requested by Saskatchewan cattlemen).

As always, we also need an aggressive approach to exports and new market development.

This is just part of the Liberal commitment to Rural Canada. Coming soon will be further announcements about rural high-speed internet services and benefits for rural emergency workers, with more to follow.

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Conservatives, On Women's Right To Choose: "Shut the f___ up!"

"“We’ve got five weeks or whatever left until G-8 starts. Shut the f--- up on this issue,” Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth told a group of international-development advocates who gathered on Parliament Hill on Monday to sound the alarm about Canada’s hard-right stand against abortion in foreign aid.

“If you push it, there will be more backlash,” Ruth said. “This is now a political football."

Not-so-hidden agenda? Sure sounds like it...

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