Friday, April 18, 2008

Adscam: Liberals Were Victims

Yup. Based on charges laid by the RCMP, it's turning out, more and more, that Adscam really just involved people who HAPPENED to be members of the Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) ripping off BOTH the Liberal Party, and the government.

This is something akin to someone who happens to be a VP in some large company robbing the company along with some customers - to pad his own pockets. To color the whole organization is just plain wrong - and I think we ALL take offense to that (maybe we should sue the other parties for defamation? Class action suit anyone?) It's what happened to us in 2006. We were drive-by smeared by the Opposition because of appearances. Because the perp just happened to be a member of our party. I wonder how many crimes have been committed by members of other parties? When a Vancouver NDP MP stole a piece of jewelery from a store, did we call the entire NDP crooks? No. Not even when around the same time a senior Saskatchewan NDP MP was involved in an illegal action. What about the Cons? Obviously they're not "squeaky clean" either - based on what we're seeing recently (and have seen in the past). It's all public perception, and the timing of accusations which can bring down a government.

Senior Liberals probably knew that Gomery would find someone robbing from the Party, and from the government. This is probably why Mr. Martin was so earnestly pushing for investigation. He was as angry as any Liberal - and any Canadian - should be. We were wronged. It goes to show that a party needs to be careful of just whom they appoint to key positions. Someone's track record in business or private life needs to be looked at... not just what they've done for the party. Like every party we do unfortunately appoint/elect some flakes sometimes. We have to be careful to put forward more "selfless" individuals, and not people who are just party members for personal gain (notoriety, etc.). We should look more to life-long members for key positions (many of the "Adscam" perps were former Tories, or had also worked with the Tories - like Chuck Guite). During the "wake" of the old PC Party, many PC refugees swam over to the good ship Liberal. Many of them brought baggage. Remember, there were a lot of crooks in the old Mulroney government. When they had nowhere to go, they jumped on the Liberal Team - particularly the Martin bandwagon (many Alberta and Sask Tories worked for the Federal Liberals in the past 10 years, but are "back home" now).

So, why the "interesting" headline? Well we WERE indeed victims (the Liberal Party, that is). This is in CLEAR CONTRAST with what the Conservatives are (as it currently appears). In the recent cases of Conservative Scandal, people in the PMO were involved, and what appears to be the national party (Cadscam, "In & Out", etc.). So what does this amount to? Basically, the Liberals were blackballed over some things that never had anything to do with the Liberal Party (Income Trust Leak), or never happened ("Shawinigate"), or were gross distortions and misrepresentations ("Adscam"). However, with recent events (and some that occurred years ago - like "Cadscam"), Conservatives can never again play "holier than thou".


Lizt. said...

The Liberal party now, must feel terrible, but I heard the fellow that was charged, was not involved in Adscamm. The Liberal party of Quebec sure has had its troubles. Dion and the rest, had nothing to do with this Adscam.It is like saying that if my cousin did something very wrong, then I should be blamed, because he is in the family.

Northern PoV said...

What you say is true.
IMHO your focus is wrong and will not resonate with voters.
Liberal were victims in more ways than financial (these drawn out arrests and trials are like water-drip torture).
We were betrayed from within.
(1st by the crooks then by Paul Martin who called Gormery instead of letting the RCMP do their jobs.)
Voters won't care as they are rightfully the bigger victim(s).
Ranting on that "Liberal were victims" is highly counter productive.

Dante said...

Poor poor liberals. How could the natural governing party be criminals? The answer of course is that it couldn't. Somebody made them redirect cash to their election campaigns. The government should compensate them for their anguish.