Friday, April 04, 2008

Conservative Bigotry - This Thing Is Too Big...

Coming from a party that wants to court immigrants and minorities in the next election, recent goings-on (and not-so-recent ones) are really telling:

Hidden Immigration policy changes aimed at picking "people we like"; not accepting the UN Human Right's Commission's take on human rights; now, a Conservative MP is caught spouting off his true feelings on camera.

Does this tell anyone anything about what Conservatives feel about minorities?

They'll just spew some crap about how we're all "overly politically correct", and that they're "all grown up now", and "don't think that way anymore".  Like Church-lady used to say... "how conveeeeeeenient".

Why don't they just come out and tell us what they really believe?  Maybe then they can honestly pursue their "majority".  There's no integrity in lying about your adult ideals and political convictions.  C'mon Conservatives - be honest with Canadians.

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