Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Meaningful Numbers For Liberals... Time To Start Appreciating Some Of Our Core Supporters More Than They Have Been...

New figures from Stats Canada show a changing face of Canada (don't tell that to any anal-retentive, cranky, angry conservative). The numbers are as visible as the minorities they represent:

Over 16% of Canadians are from a VISIBLE minority. Not just "minorities", but VISIBLE ones. This is a big stat. Even more interesting (but pretty obvious) is that The numbers are even bigger in the two largest centers (even more than I would have believed). In Greater Vancouver a full 42% of residents hail from a visible minority. In Toronto an even larger 43% of residents are from a more "visible" (or "non-white") minority group.

We've long known that the economic and social ideals of the Liberal Party have been great for not just moderate Canadians, but clearly these ideals have struck chords with visible minorities over and over. At the current time - with our power seeming to be centered around cities, and judging by the last leadership convention - I would also postulate that the numbers of "visible" minority Canadians supporting the party is even greater than it seems. We need to do what we can to ensure we shore up that support in the next election. It will be the main battleground between us and Harper - not the "environment", or inflation, or even the economy. Sure these issues will count, but it will be how they apply to visible minorities which may determine who wins in the "905 belt", or suburban Greater Vancouver, etc.

It is critical that the party maintain it's prominent role as the voice of moderate middle of the road Canadians, new Canadians, and visible minority Canadians. Our leadership needs to ensure this happens - before we start thinking of other "grandiose" strategies, or planning out new battlefields to engage Harper on. Immigration and minorities are Harper's Achilles heel. We need to make sure that Harper is cut down to size when Canadians see what his party's core really thinks about immigration, minorities, and other groups.

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