Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What The F@&#??? Cons Disparage Pillar Of Our Democracy

Who the hell do these dangerous nutjobs think they are? What the Conservatives did yesterday in Parliament was akin to what shady dictators do around the world to grab power... These arrogant fools have repeatedly attacked any institution that seems to contradict them or their views. This is reminiscent of some acts of "manufactured crisis" that have been witnessed around the world, prior to military coups, or dictatorial take-overs... Burning of houses of assembly, marginalizing of parts of the population, making light of dangerous national unity situations, etc., etc.

Certainly these idiots that attempt to govern don't intend to install a dictatorship, but their complete lack of respect for the institutions that make up this country is frightening. Their very skewed world-view leads them to believe that their way is the only way (right wing, no compromise), and that anyone that isn't completely with them is against them.

Many bloggers - including myself - have blogged about the Conservatives' ulterior motives. Until they took power it was just speculation, but they have time and time again proved us right. It is our job to convey this very frightening message to the Canadian public... Canada, as we know it, is under threat. It's not Al Quaida, or "terrorists", or China, or some other foreign power. No... Canada is under siege from within... From neoCon fifth-columnists who will stop at nothing to destroy the fabric of this great land. It is NEVER right to allow the left or right to contort democracy too greatly, but this is exactly what is beginning to happen here. Our democracy - which is rooted in public responsibility and accountability - is slowly being eroded so it can be sold off to corporate and foreign interests.

Time to wake up Canada!

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