Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why We Don't Care For People Like Harper...

Some nice work by fellow BC Bloggers (Mound of Sound, Woman At Mile 0, etc.) in beginning to assemble a "picture" of the Stephen Harper we all fear and hate.  I urge all bloggers to put down their thoughts on why people with Harper's neoCon mindset cannot be trusted, and are BAD for this country.

I've written a lot on what I think about Harper, but here's a comment I left for "Mound of Sound":

"Mound: This is fantastic stuff. You (and/or your partner) have basically outlined Stephen Harper, Bush-Cheney, and the entire neoCon movement. I'd say your comments should really be a part of speaking points for every Liberal MP - and every Liberal Party member.

I agree with you precisely. My greatest fear is Harpo's techniques - along with the complicit media (they would just discredit the CBC as being lefty-Liberal appointees) - would destroy Canada's "management infrastructure" to such a point that we would have no alternative than to join a stronger union with the US, or allow for corporate hegemony to get out of it.

We need to continue getting our message out - we are in more dire times than people know (even the "think-they're-neoCons" who vote Con, but don't even fit into the category of people who would benefit from conservative policy - ie - "the Heartland farmers")."

We're seeing a time in Canadian politics where a lot of people are not thinking about why they vote for a person or party.  The Conservatives and Stephen Harper BOTH need to be defined.  The continuing scams and scandals involving this government are a good framework, however, it is more important that these ideologues get put in their place based on their simplistic ideology - rather than a scandal.  Canadians did not reject Liberal values and principles when they gave the Cons a slight minority government in 2006 - they voted against a scandal that was blown way out of proportion by both media and opposition.  While it is important that people retain the right to punish their elected officials through the ballot, it needs to be done carefully - and after considering what they accept or reject along with the seeming impropriety.  

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