Tuesday, April 15, 2008

RCMP Raid Conservative HeadQuarters...

Well, it seems like "Harper's Bunker" (the mega-million dollar command center the Cons built in Ottawa) couldn't hold back the forces of good... Elections Canada required RCMP assistance, BUT they did manage to get into the stronghold to obtain important information critical to proving the Cons broke Election Canada rules and Canadian Election Laws.

It remains to be seen what will come of this RCMP investigation, but it does certainly help to bring an important issue into the public spotlight.

Now wouldn't it have been good if we pulled the plug on these revisionist troglodytes a few weeks ago? Back when we had good public attention on the gay-bashing, and the regressive immigration policy these clowns brought in? Would have been great to see the RCMP march into Conservative HQ during week one of an election campaign - and talk about election "irregularities".

With all that has gone on in regards to the Conservative attacks on minorities, Cadscam, Mulroney-Schreiber-Gate, etc., and now this election "fraud" (perhaps?)... the time is ripe to "go" with a non-confidence motion. Parliament - the Canadian people - cannot continue to have confidence in a government which may not have even been legitimately elected. We know how much weight TV ads can bring to bear on campaigns.

Harper's bunker has been breached... Time for us to mass our troops and get ready for the campaign of Stephane Dion's life... The issues are: Conservative corruption and lack of integrity; Conservative attacks on minorities and the Canadian way of life; Conservative mis-management of the economy - in particular the attack on big cities and Ontario...

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