Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"NO!" To Bill C-50 - Why This Anti-Immigrant Conservative Gov't MUST Be Defeated!

We always knew the "new" Conservatives were non-progressive xenophobes. Well, now we see it in Bill C-50. The Measures undertaken by the bill will help this "new" government select the immigrants they want. We already know the differential treatment immigrants from Asia (particularly South Asia) and Africa face in the immigration process - when compared to immigrants from more "Northern" areas... C-50 will hope to quash large numbers of new immigrants from South Asia. As a restaurant owner, I find it particularly disturbing that this government of economic rejects thinks we can "make do" with Canadian-born workers. Ever try to keep a Canadian-born restaurant worker - even with a solid salary? Not happening. We have relied on immigrant labor - in particular from South and East Asia - for a long time. South Asia graduates large numbers of "Hotel Management" and food services trainees... who become exception restaurant staff.

Let's keep this short and sweet. Where should Liberals stand on this? That's a "no-brainer". Immigrant Canadians and their Canadian-born children are a core part of Liberal support across this country. The new Conservative attack on immigration is an affront to every one of those Canadians.

The Liberal Party sorely needs to maintain ridings in major urban centers AND the 905 belt around Metro Toronto. The groups that are going to help us hold, or grow seats in those areas, are "ethnic" Canadians.

We can appeal to one of our core constituencies here, since the Conservative threat IS REAL, and is xenophobic legislation aimed at minorities. For our party to sit on it's hands now, is to be hypocrites. We've already lost one long-standing group of supporters (Federalist Quebecers), let's not lose another core group of supporters. Losing "traditional" votes like this may have a longer effect than the "next election". Brian Mulroney was able to successfully "curry favor" if you will, with several ethnic groups, and Team Chretien had to work hard to win that support back. Let's ensure Team Liberal today understands the breadth and scope of the potential fallout here. There are certain policy and ideological differences that help new Canadians and minorities distinguish between us and the Conservatives. We will hurt ourselves if we allow a blurring of that line...

I implore my Liberal MPs and friends. Time to vote "nay" to Bill C-50. For the sake of our party.


Mushroom said...

I presume you have seen the latest article from the wired services about what Finley wanted to do in our curry restaurants. http://mushroomcloudhassmoke.blogspot.com/2008/04/finleys-hidden-immigration-agenda.html

WesternGrit said...

Read that, had some thoughts about the whole "sneak a bill into a bill thing", and it's definite goal as a way for conservatives to keep out the people they don't want... and... hence the post. The Cons - for a fact - do want to increase "local" training, but this isn't going to help a lot of us in our industry. Whether the bill touches on this, or not, or if it's just a big "April Fools" scam, is not that important. Conservative control over immigration is the scary thing.

What the Cons are doing with this is working it two ways: They tell immigrant communities, "we put more power in MP's hands, so we can help bring so-and-so over", then they tell ardent conservatives, "don't worry - since we control immigration, our MPs will make sure you don't have to worry about the (sub in conservative immmigrant target group of the day here)... they just won't get in.

Good strategy, if you're a conservative...

wilson said...

Boy are you guys wrong about Conservatives and immigrant workers.

In Alberta, the heartland of evil anti-immigrant Conservatives,
we have brought here, thousands of temporary workers from all over the world,
thru the federal temporary foreign worker program.
We hope they will be able to stay in Canada permanently, through the provincial nominee program.

Alberta needs 400,000 new workers by 2015.

Canada needs workers right now, and the immigration process is just about to collapse under the weight of the wait lists.

WesternGrit said...

My first point is that we want people to do our "crap" work, (menial skilled and unskilled labor), but we have drastically reduced the number of intellectuals we bring in. The other point is that the skilled labor is most likely from Eastern Europe. We are bringing who we want - not everyone. Anyone who has had family or friends in the system - and they're from South Asia - knows how biased the system is AGAINST South Asians. The extra long delays on South Asian, East Asian, and African applicants - compared to delays for applicants from European consular offices are appalling.