Saturday, April 05, 2008

Support Of Minorities IS OUR Issue - Time To Call An Election Mr. Dion

Good... Now that I have your attention...

It ain't the environment, and it "ain't the economy stupid"... It's not Afghanistan. What one issue appeals to our base, AND clearly delineates us from the Conservatives? It's support for minorities, multiculturalism, and basically tolerance. Some bloggers have been addressing this over the past few days. Far and Wide has made some solid points about "going now" vs. waiting for the Conservatives to wear the "economic downturn collar".

There is a lot to be said about going for an election right now... One does have to consider, however, that IF we win, we could also have to wear the collar of a global recession - that wouldn't make us look good. Perhaps Mr. Rae has vivid recollections of his own situation in Ontario. Maybe that is why some folks say he is behind the "wait on it" approach. Perhaps these guys are counting on voters' memories to be as short as people say they are. It may be true. The issue of the day will usually carry - and that issue changes "daily". Only thing is, if the public hears you're "weak" for a couple of years straight (sort of like "they're crooks" after Gomery), they start to believe it - even if untrue, and ESPECIALLY if we do nothing about it.

So how do we, as Liberals, manage to save face, get the timing right, and still get an election on OUR terms - when WE want it? We must stand for our principles. We have been made to look like we have abandoned them for months... There has to be a case where we TAKE A STAND. More importantly - strategically - we have to STOP BEING SO DAMNED PREDICTABLE. The other parties in Parliament have their election strategies predicated on the guarantee that the Liberals will spew rhetoric, but back down when the time comes to put our money where our mouths are. How do we get over that? How do we start to look, once again, like master tacticians? How do we start to scare our political adversaries and pundits again (electorally speaking, that is)?

We need to "trick" Harper on our voting intention. We tell Harper "yeah, we'll support you". Then we go into Parliament and watch as the Cons stand up and smugly vote for their bill. Next, when our turn comes up we vote against. Then we turn and watch Jack Layton pick his lower jaw up off the floor. And we watch, and we wait, while the Speaker repeats, "Mr. Layton. Mr. Layton... uh... Mr. Layton?" In his shock, Jack will be forced to sit down and abstain, or vote with the government. The same for the Bloc. Harper would have a heart attack realizing how close he came to defeat, but more importantly, would be afraid to ever again take the Liberal vote for-granted. It will be priceless to watch the disarray in the ranks of all 3 parties as we sit after voting "nay", with Cheshire grins on our faces.

I say it's time we "pull the trigger" and FORCE the NDP and Bloc to abstain or back the government. We know the Bloc doesn't want to go to election right now. Immigration has to be our issue - and it won't necessarily cause an election - as long as we hint that we will most likely support the government. Then SHOCK everyone. It will also be a move that makes us the darlings of the media for a while, AND gets Stephane the good press he so badly needs. Sure, there is a risk, but do we really think the NDP, or Bloc want an election any more than we do? I doubt it - especially the Bloc.

This is THE ISSUE. This is OUR ISSUE. The "secret agenda" Conservatives are back... The angry, xenophobes have "re-exposed" themselves...

Time to shock some folks, and throw off the "weak Liberals" yolk, once and for all. Time for a little "Russian Roulette".... Let the Dippers or Blocheads support the Cons. Let them wear it for a change...

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