Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Conservatives Say "F You" To Owners of MP3 Players Everywhere

The media will be completely onside with the Cons on this one... Why, you ask? Well, besides CBC, companies such as Global, CTV, and the Rogers Media empire of magazines, and most other media conglomerates in Canada are associated with some sort of recording industry. So don't look for the public to get shocked and mortified too quickly. Newspapers like the National Pest will come out squarely behind the Cons - or bury the story on an advanced page in the "Entertainment" section. So will every daily in Canada - because they're all owned by CanWest Global, Rogers Media, or the Irving Group, or Quebecor. So much for a fair, unbiased media. Take a look at some of these company's boards... A lot of these people have interest in recording companies. Look at their biggest advertisers. Who do you think pays for all the movie ads in the local paper... the entire entertainment section?

Once again, big corporate interests - particularly foreign interests (US) - dictate what the supposedly "Canadian" Conservatives do. Conservative "think-tanks" like the Fraser Institute guide their policy. Senior American Republicans hold key positions with Canadian Conservative "think-tanks". Of course there's always the ugly spectre of the "New American Century" Bunch - Cheney, Bush, et. al. - and their Canadian Membership (Frum and his kin). The American overlords have spoken, and Mr. Bungles' government - bereft of ideas of it's own - continues to source it's "ideas" from the Republican Party playbook.

So Mr. Bungles (Harper) will ignore the old Liberal agreement with the Canadian Recording Industry, which dictated that a portion of sales of blank media (tapes/CD/DVD/R/RW, etc.) will go directly to the industry. Instead of "standing up for Canadians", Mr. Bungles will bend over to the will of the American overlords.

A lot of things the Cons have f'd up can be "un-f'd up" by a new Liberal government. Unfortunately, trying to "un-f-up" this law (if it becomes law), will be very difficult.

Sometimes it's not a good thing to let a bull loose in the proverbial china shop. Conservatives are never subtle or moderate about policy, and whenever they get their clutches on power, they tend to throw their weight around... Never being balanced or taking things in "gradations". They prefer the "all or none", "with us or 'agin' us" approach...

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