Monday, June 23, 2008

MP Goodale Reveals Harper's Secret Plan To Raise Energy Costs For Consumers!!!

Well, well, well. Little Stevie "Mr. Bungles" Harper was jumping up and down screaming and crying about the Dion/Liberal Green Shift, yet there is proof that he has a very hideous plan to "screw" consumers across this land...

After being buried for months in voluminous government paperwork, the Harper "green plan" has come under further scrutiny by hard working Liberal MPs - doing what MPs should be for Canadian taxpayers. In his weekly mailing this morning Mr. Goodale revealed what the Conservatives have attempted to hide from the Canadian public: the Conservatives' very own "carbon tax".

Ralph's email explains it best, so everyone have a good read of this email from Canada's hardest working MP:


By Ralph Goodale, M.P.


While using juvenile cartoons to attack Liberal environmental proposals, Stephen Harper pretends his own way of reducing greenhouse gases and fighting climate change would be completely cost-free.

Either his plan is a farce, or he’s not telling the truth.

The Conservatives claim they won’t touch consumers. They’ll just slap heavy regulations on businesses to force them to stop spewing emissions into the atmosphere.

But wait a minute. If those new regulations are effective, won’t they create new costs for businesses?

You bet they will, at every level, from farming to the oilsands, from electricity generation to trucking. And all those costs will be passed along to you, the consumer, who will ultimately pay the bill.

So let’s be clear – if Stephen Harper’s greenhouse gas regulations mean anything, they mean higher costs for everyone.

Back in March, the Harper regime released a Background Paper on their climate change plan. Buried in the fine print is this confession:

“The effect of regulatory measures is to send a strong price signal … Canadians can expect to bear real costs under the (Conservative) regulatory framework … These costs will be most evident in the form of higher energy prices …”

So there it is – in the Conservatives’ very own words. Their scheme will force energy costs to go up.

By how much? They won’t say. And that leads to a great deal of suspicion.

On the one hand, Mr. Harper says he’s serious about climate change. But on the other, he won’t come clean about his costs. He implies there will be none, but everyone knows that’s not true.

Equally troubling, Mr. Harper’s regulations provide no offsetting income tax cuts to cushion the burden of his higher costs.

The Conservative plan is a bad plan. All costs. No benefits. Dishonest!


Oldschool said...

We haven't seen Mr. Harper's plan yet . . . but is seems strange that he would share it with Goodale.
But when Dion taxes everything that moves, business, industry etc. . . . . whom do you think will pay the bill?
I'll tell you who . . . the Cdn Consumer . . . no miniscule income tax cut will make up for the inflation that will follow this hair-brained Dion plan. Especially since things just keep getting colder here in Canada. Maybe the govt should be buying us new Chevy SUV's . . . that will help out GM in Ontario and get things a little warmer here on the west coast.

Oldschool said...

Does Harper know about this secret plan??? I doubt it.
Silly old Goodale just wants to remind his constituents that he is still alive.
There is only one hair-brained plan . . . . and Dion created it.

Drill now, in the arctic, off the coasts and build nuclear plants . . . lots of cheap energy for Canucks!!!

WesternGrit said...

Oldschool: Harper's documents have been in the public domain since March. The quote Mr. Goodale uses is DIRECTLY FROM the Conservative documents.

"...since things just keep getting colder here in Canada". You sound like one of the "world is flat" crew. Hmmm?

Since the GM truck plants are closed, the government can actually work to boost the relationships with other foreign manufacturers (GM, after all, IS foreign) who manufacture small cars in Ontario and Quebec, as well as indigenous manufacturers in BC, Ontario, and Quebec.

"Brain wave" number one: If anyone is serious about being "green", you have to slow consumption. Period. No-one with even half a brain can argue that.

I'm with you on the nuclear plants. Don't tell Alberta oil-lovers that, though. And to use Harper's favorite words, "screw" drilling for oil offshore. We need to divest ourselves from oil use. There is hydro, wind, and nuclear opportunities abound. We need to follow the EU's lead - not the US's.

burlivespipe said...

Old School is using 'Old Hat' CON talking points, which always conveniently leave out their own party's own actions. There is no correlation between their talk, either.
Is this one reason why, instead of talking policy comparisons and showing why their way is the right way, Harper et al can only go on screech patrol, shouting 'Stinkin Lincoln'! -reference to a hilarious SCTV skit from way back...
Will this be discussed in the MsM?

burlivespipe said...

And interesting point about the nuclear idea... Why has Harper done it all on the 'Q' 'T'?
No big policy announcement, no standing on the shores of the mucky tar sands to say how going nuke is the best way to solve our GHG issues?
Perhaps he is aware that this would be a controversial issue in his own house (as it would be if a Liberal gov't embraced it) and would rather 'Income Trust it', ie lie, deny and accuse, then flip-flop after an election.