Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Historic Landmark For America

And so it ends. Tonight. A long arduous journey through the Democratic Presidential nomination. A valiant battle was fought by Hilary Clinton, but in the end America - at least Democratic Americans - have chosen Barack's message of hope and change.

Throughout the campaign we've seen that racism is alive and well in America. We will see much, much, more in the months to come. Some will be veiled. Some will be part of the "doorstep, "hot-button", whispering campaign" that Conservatives are famous for.

Something has changed, however, in the America of today. African-American/urban pop-culture has been adopted by young American society. Young, middle-class, white kids in the Mid-West listen to rap music while decked out in their "Sean John" and "Roca-wear" outfits... Even their 30/40-something parents can attest to enjoying the hip-hop culture of the 80s and 90s. These young Americans - who have quickly become one of the largest parts of the voting block - don't see race the same way their parents did - or their grandparents. A broad swath of them have never voted before. Senator Obama's youthful and internet-savvy campaign has courted these youth in record numbers. This is all part of the sea-change that is occurring in America...

Senator Obama has brought a new demographic to the polls. He has "enfranchised" an entire generation. Tonight, he will bring his youthful nomination campaign to a close in historic fashion. He will be the first African-American candidate for President in American History... and it's about time.

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