Friday, June 06, 2008

Republican Pat Buchanan: Iraq War Was Unnecessary - And More Mr. Bungles...

Imagine arch-conservative Pat Buchanan - perhaps hero of Stephen Harper and many a Canadian Reform-a-Tory - stating that he thinks the Iraq war was an unnecessary one. Well, you don't really need to, because he said it very clearly on the air... on the Daily Show. Buchanan went on to say that there are ways that we could have avoided the war. He did also - in the same interview - make idiotic comments about the necessity of WW2 - claiming that Hitler should have been allowed to occupy the Saarland and Danzig corridor (stating that this was part of Germany). Buchanan feels that Hitler would have stopped after these actions. Doubt it. What would have stopped "Mr. Liebensraum" from occupying more nations? Who would have stopped his slaughter of millions of innocents (although it is clear that the Allies did not join the war to save the lives of millions of innocent Jewish people, Gypsies, and other minorities. They went to war to defend their own soil and interests)?

Does Stephen Harper think the Iraq war was unnecessary? Or, does he feel his Republican Overlord (Cheney) knows best? Who is making all the cash from the Halliburton deals? How many of those people are involved in Canadian Conservative "think-tanks"?

While on the subject of war, does anyone have the details on just how Tim Hortons - of Calgary Alberta (Canadian Head Office is in downtown Calgary) received the lucrative Afghanistan/Khandahar contract? Several senior executives in the Calgary office supposedly supported and/or worked for Harper's Calgary crew in past elections. Is there a reason why another Canadian franchise like 2nd Cup did not get the contract (not that Tim Horton's is Canadian anymore)??? It would be interesting to see what other tenders came in, and how much the final bill was. It seems that the Tim's deal was just an "arbitrary" decision by someone in the government. Not sure if that's illegal - per se... but, I think it may be - depending on how it all went down... Owning a franchise myself, I would love to know the best way to garner lucrative government contracts. Someone please help me out with this one. How can I best position myself with the Harper government?

So the Harperites have successfully taken the public eye off the Bernier-Julie Couillard scandal. They really wanted the get this one off the books quickly... Anything that made "Mr. Bungles" look less competent than the public has been led to believe by the conservative press has to be hidden. Mr. Bungles appointed a total incompetent in charge of foreign affairs - and in doing so, possibly compromised military secrets of NATO. Harper then turned around and said that he was not concerned in the least.

Mr. Bungles wanted to bury the Affair-Bernier/Couillard so badly that he brought up what many believe is his own taped admission about "financial considerations" made to a dying MP for his vote. Of course Mr. Bungles wants to render the tape useless for Liberal campaign ads. I ask this, however: If we were to play a snippet of a speech where Harper says, "God bless Canada" (as he is prone to do), how would that be ANY DIFFERENT than any part of this ACTUAL TAPE RECORDING OF HARPER...??? Can anyone answer this?

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JaaJoe said...

Did you see Patrick Buchanan's rendition of world war 2?!?! AHAHAHAHAH. It very cute. Check it out if your intrested here -
Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War

Gary Baumgarten said...

Pat Buchanan will be my guest on News Talk Online on Wed. June 18 at 5 PM New York time.

Go to my blog, and click on the link to the show to talk or listen to Buchanan.