Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Talentless Conservatives Rely On Former Liberal Minister To Handle Key Cabinet Post

So, once again, the Harper Conservatives - lacking any imagination or talent themselves - rely on a former Liberal Cabinet Minister, and an unelected Quebecer to make up key cabinet shortcomings. If it wasn't such a serious matter, this would be laughable.

David Emerson - former Liberal MP and Cabinet Minister is now the most senior member of the Harper Cabinet, and is responsible for "Canada's face" abroad. It is apparent that Harper realized the dearth of talent in Conservative ranks, and was forced into this move. It doesn't look like it was a "happy" Harper decision either.

Canadians need to ask themselves (and hopefully the media wakes up to this...) what do I succeed in when I give Harper my vote? Am I only lending this surly, and rather angry Calgarian - with somewhat dubious designs on Canada - my vote so HE can be PM? Am I considering who the key decision-makers are at the cabinet table? Does it matter to me what happens with the various departments in government? How do my country's representatives look when they go abroad?

Time for the media, and the rest of Canada, to begin asking some tough questions about this very arrogant "government".

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