Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Conservative Racism... Pierre "Little PeePee" Poilievre...

MP Pierre (Little PeePee) Poilievre had another rant/venting session yesterday - the same day PM Bungles was supposedly apologizing to Canada's First Peoples on behalf of the Canadian Government. In typical "Little PeePee" Poilievre fashion, the rant attacked a defenseless minority. The utter shame was that he actually had the gall and total lack of respect to make the comments on the day of the historic apology. There is no time for racist statements like this, but this just takes the proverbial cake.

Little PeePee (and the nickname suits him - he's probably got some feelings of inadequacy that lead him to lash out the way he does at anyone he doesn't like) is the Conservative "point man" whenever Prime Minister Bungles doesn't think John Baird can yell loud enough, or generate enough "mouth foam". It is interesting that "Little Pee Pee" would make these comments on the day of the apology... It's almost like the Conservatives want to reassure their "base" back in Alberta/Sask that they haven't changed, and bear with them, etc.

We'll see if PM Bungles will shun Little Pee Pee, or if he will continue to be the Conservative point man... Shame on this government.

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