Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rt. Hon. Jean Cretien and Aide Pelletier Cleared Of ANY Wrongdoing

That headline says it all.

Mr. Cretien has been vindicated, and it couldn't come a moment too soon. Like we had been saying for years, a few "low-lying" Liberals in one part of Quebec do not a national party make... especially if some of them were also former Conservative supporters and donors. And Judge Gomery? A former Conservative, and found to be "obviously biased". Brilliant.

So the Conservatives' entire 2006 election strategy was based on a (very successful) lie. Hmmm... Too bad the slung mud stuck so well. Oh well, we had a chance for some serious debate and party renewal. Now we have a great "Envi-nomics" plan (as one of my "conservative friends" says, it's the envy of everyone) - The Green Shift (tm) - which will vault us into victory!

Congratulations to Mr. Cretien. This absolution was well-deserved.

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