Thursday, April 30, 2009

Convention Hospitality Suite Roundup - Wed (Day 1)

Best suite:  Cherniak's "Blogger Suite".  Why?  The party got busted early, and some interesting fireworks resulted...  Busted.

Best suite where one could actually have a drink, and conversation with rabid Liberals, and way, WAY too much food:  James Morton's.  This was also busted, but about an hour after Cherniak.

Best Party of the night?  John Lennard's impromptu get-together at the Lion's Head pub...  No getting kicked out, and the staff nicely asked us to vacate sections of the pub - until we were at the door.  Some Senators and MPs were there (Justin Trudeau being one)...  Score a nice bright John Lennard t-shirt, if you can get your hands on one:  they come in 3 colors: Green, Orange, and Blue (according to John, the 3 colors we need to work on, as we grow the Liberal Party)...

Best Non-Liberal Party (With Open Bar):  WesternGrit would like to thank the nice folks at the drugstore chain "Pharmasave", who were having some sort of sales and purchasing conference.  Large ballroom, live band, and open bar.  Some of them even showed up at John Lennard's shindig.  Would have to say, "We were Pharma-saved last night" while looking for a watering hole. 

Gotta get some sleep.  More hospitality suite reviews tomorrow... 

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