Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thanks to Canada's Liberal Laws, Crime Rates Go Down, Down, Down...

While Canadian crime rates sink, and the large cities on the West Coast and in the East continue to be the safest places to live (with the Prairies being the most dangerous), Conservative MPs continue to live in denial.  Desperate to have their so-called "law and order agenda" accepted as "the gospel", Conservatives have chosen to live in denial.  Instead of saying THE CANADIAN SYSTEM WORKS, they want to create an American style commercial prison farm system up here, eventually leading to private police, security, and prisons.

Here's just one quote from a Conservative MP in denial:

"StatsCan's numbers mean little to people who are worried about crime, Progressive Conservative MPP Randy Hillier said."

Yes Mr. Hillier.  Keep using victims and their families as your crutch.  Exploit the hurt, anger, and misery, and "reach out" to them by convincing them it was the system that took their loved ones.

Ever think that it's a culture that glorifies violence that's to blame, huh, Cons?  The gun culture imported from the US?  Violence as an answer to everything?  If a US President can invade another country unprovoked, maybe people who look up to him also feel they can take what they want?  If a corporate media/movies/TV celebrate gun play, what do our young people learn?  No sustained anti-gun messaging on prime-time TV, yet there are tons of drinking and driving ads, or "public service" messaging about drugs.  Why not anti-gun violence ads too?

The basic Conservative premise/ideology actually promotes crime.  Conservative regimes the world over make money by promoting violence and selling weapons to others to do violence in a convoluted and irrational "freedom and self-defense" argument.

The most forward thinking liberal democracies have it right on crime, and this explains lower crime stats in all those countries.  The countries with "Wild West" mentalities on crime suffer the greatest crime (USA, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, several African nations, etc.).

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