Thursday, April 30, 2009

LPoC Convention Signals Sea-change In Canadian Politics

As we bask in the glorious sunlight on the beautiful Vancouver waterfront, we Liberals are beginning to realize the momentous changes we are about to witness close-up. While the pre-eminent political movement in Canadian history ( the Liberal Party, in case you're wondering) meets this weekend, it will decide to modernize it's voting process by chosing a "weighted one member-one vote" system. Many of the very same Liberals choosing OMOV will also be choosing BC-STV - a sea-change in Canadian politics.

The changes being discussed here in Vancouver this weekend, and over the next week or so, will likely change Canadian politics forever. While many of the uninformed will say this is a "convention about nothing", the events of this weekend will resonate through Canadian politics for years to come. A sleeping giant is awakened... And about to roll over... Look out Stephen Harper! A solvent, recharged, re-energized, reinvigorated, and inspired Liberal Party has evolved.

Canadian politics just won't be the same anymore.

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