Friday, April 17, 2009

Now Jason Kenney is Attacking Mexicans...

Canada's Rush Limbaugh - Jason Kenny - STILL hasn't resigned... I guess we'll just have to wait for the election to FIRE HIM as Minister of Immigration...

In the meantime, join the Facebook Group, "Jason Kenney Should Resign". Maybe we can move the lead NeoCon Windbag out of his post a little sooner?

Does this undereducated punk from Calgary (via Saskatchewan) have ANY respect for minorities and immigrants? Today, he's attacking hard-working Mexican immigrants. Why? Because his hyper-conservative NeoCon base wants it... and because he seems to feel the same way as they do on the issue.

Kenney once (while being a Conservative attack-dog against same-sex marriage) criticized Don Boudria for failing to register his own domain name. For a good chuckle check out Rick Mercer's site,

Jason Kenney... another reason NOT to vote Conservative (Reform-a-Tory)...

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Jennifer Smith said...

I went to and found... Michael Chong! I LOVE Michael Chong! Why can't all Conservatives be like him?

Maybe when they re-jig the riding boundaries I can be in his riding instead of... ew.. Lisa Raitt's.

(verification word: jircused. Not a real word, but it should be.)