Monday, April 27, 2009

Goodale: Harper Continues To Make Parliament "Playground For Juvenile Brawls"

Great sound-byte from Ralph's latest weekly update.
Ralph does focus on the strengths of, and benefits to, the Liberal Party, as a result of Harper's actions - but I just couldn't resist that line...

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A weekly commentary by the Member of Parliament for Wascana

For the week beginning April 27th, 2009


This weekend, at a national Liberal convention in Vancouver, Michael Ignatieff will be installed officially as Leader of the Liberal Party and soon-to-be Prime Minister of Canada.

Mr. Ignatieff became “interim” party leader last December, in the middle of a serious parliamentary flap over Stephen Harper’s refusal to take Canada’s deepening recession seriously.

At that time, the Liberal Party was just beginning a lengthy process to select a successor to Stephane Dion. And Mr. Harper was already threatening to force another quick election, barely seven weeks after the last one.

Liberals responded by asking Mr. Ignatieff to act as their Interim Leader immediately, subject to final ratification at this upcoming convention.

While it wasn’t Mr. Harper’s intention to give Liberals a boost, that’s what his maneuvering last December actually did. It ended Liberal leadership uncertainty. It saved the party a pot full of money. It pulled Liberals together across old internal divisions. And it installed a person of great quality to take charge.

Liberal strength has been growing ever since. In poll after poll, Michael Ignatieff gets increasingly favourable ratings. His momentum is steadily building.

Why is he doing so well?

First, because of his competent, mature approach. He doesn’t threaten parliamentary show-downs at every turn or treat the House of Commons like some playground for juvenile brawls. And that’s a refreshing change from Stephen Harper.

Secondly, he is unmistakably strong and determined. He will not be intimidated by the nasty abuse the Conservatives dish out on a daily basis.

Most importantly, he is a uniter, not a divider. Michael Ignatieff appeals to the better nature of Canadians – to trust and respect not partisanship and fear, to inclusion not intolerance, to confidence not doubt, to excellence not mediocrity.

In growing numbers, Canadians want a new Prime Minister like that.

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Cari said...

That sounds very good not to be intimidated. the only thing wrong with this, .....that all the lies they put out on Michael, people will believe in ...just as the party went down when in the polls when he said he would raise taxes, when the recession is over, to pay for the deficit.
The Torys are accusing him every day of putting taxes up during the recession