Friday, April 10, 2009

Standard Talking Point For Liberal MPs

Hey Liberal MPs... Clip n' save:

Response to Conservative questions about Mr. Ignatieff's past (or Liberal past) - 20-some years ago...

"Mr. Speaker, I could talk about Mr. Harper's:

- Claim that the Atlantic suffers from a culture of defeatism

- Or, his thoughts on where minorities live in the West... (ghettos)

- Or his ideas about building firewalls around AB

- Or his feelings that Canada is a "Northern European Welfare state"...

- Or his friendship with Mr. Mulroney...

But I won't, Mr. Speaker.

... Rather, I will address the ISSUES... and the current issue is JOBS for CANADIANS!

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Brian A said...

Well said!

Ian said...

Why not talk about the issues then?

Oh wait, the Liberals have no policy anymore (besides endlessly propping up Harper).