Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Big Trouble For Little Jack... Open Letter To Wacko Jacko...

So Jack... Thought you could attack the Liberal Party, rather than oppose this morally bankrupt Conservative government, eh? Well, well, well... Here's what ya get.

Jack, you've forgotten that the apogee of NDP success in the 70s came when a riotous group of dippers were attacking Joe Clark and his PCs - successfully. They brought IDEAS to Parliament, and spent most of their time pushing these ideas. Not taking on the Liberals. Not opposing the Official Opposition, while letting a joke of a government operate freely. NDP voters are a smart bunch, and they saw right through your strategy - and how it is hurting this country.

Jack, the best way to replace the Liberals, is for your party to become a more effective opposition than them. That can't happen if you're viewed as trying to make a living off of attacking the seemingly beleaguered Liberal Party. Voters saw right through that yesterday. Your time is better spent going after the government. Yeah, we know, you still think the Liberals are the government... Short memory, eh Jacko? Remember, there was a little thing about a vote in the House... You know - when you and your separatist friends helped bring down a moderate, liberal (small l) government, in favor of a bunch of angry, fiscal AND social conservatives?

By refusing to push your left wing agenda in Parliament, you've allowed the only agenda to be heard out there to be a fiscally and even (starting to skew) socially conservative one. The Cons have been given free reign to bombard the Canadian voter with right wing ideas. Eventually some of them "stick". It doesn't hurt that most of the national media is unabashedly conservative - especially fiscally. That's what happens when your media is controlled by multi-national conglomerates. Is that what you want, Jack? The ascendancy of conservative ideals?

Jack, you have some "splainin' to do" to your campaign workers. You know, the NDP hordes, which really should have been able to win a Northern Sask riding hands down. Or, put up a fight in ANY of our major cities. Not all suburban ridings either, but downtown core ridings. You lost to the Greens. A party that doesn't even have a sitting member in the House. Unless you fix something fast, the little green monster will grow, and grow, and grow - until they do have some seats. That what you want, Jacko?

Jack, you've worked for some big companies before. Tell me, did it serve you better to work really hard, and get recognized and promoted, to scale your way to the top? Or, was it a better idea to lie, and backstab, and take on your co-workers on the way to the top? Just what is the public perspective on each of these methodologies? What happened to the NDP that used to bring strong ideas to the House? What happened to the party that at times outdid other, larger, opposition parties in "opposing"?

Jack, it may be too late for you. We know the rumblings are there. Time for you to save some face. You may only have a week or two before the next election. Maybe longer (but do you really want to bet on that?). You may just have one last opportunity to shine in the eyes of Canadians. The government has once again shown it cannot win in large urban centers. The NDP still has traction in the rural areas of Sask and Man. - but, when you make the government look good, why would rural folk in those provinces vote against the government? You are losing battles in areas you used to win them. This may be your last chance.

Time to grow up Jack. If you want to replace the best, you need to be the best. The only place killing off you competition for the top spot works is in "Godfather" movies. You'll need to "out-oppose" a reinvigorated Liberal Opposition, Jack, if you want to be where you think you can get to. Good luck. You'll need lots of that.

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RuralSandi said...

All Jack's pontificating about Liberals sitting on their hands reminds me of the days when Layton was on Toronto City counsel - he was suspended for a while - why? Because of attending the counsel meetings Jackie boy was out protesting/marching with Eaton employees.

Hey, Jackie Boy, the protest signs and tie dye shirts were for the 70's - time to move on.