Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why Be A Blogger On Liblogs? Oh Yeah... And Conservative Scandal

Why? Why do we blog?

In the last few days, I've asked myself that question many a time. I mean, for those of us who are "hawks", we aren't seeing the election that we KNOW should happen pronto. For those who believe we have a PLAN, we think any criticism is hurtful. The lack of action on anything I blog about, has been a bit of a put-off - but just WHO ARE WE anyways? I have decided to continue blogging - just not with the expectation for an election when I say so... (not that I ever expected it).

Certainly for many of us, this is purely a partisan exercise. We feel we can help our candidate/party, and/or government in some way. I prefer to blog openly, and about issues that are of relevance to Liberals - not being "partisan" to any one person, or group, so to speak.

I would argue that "partisanship" does not mean blind faith. I would suggest that "suggestive blogging" IS partisanship. When you correct a child, you do it out of love. You do it because you care. You do it because you think it is taking a wrong action, and it must be corrected.

I use the words "suggestive blogging" because I feel that attacking someone for actions that you are not aware of the cause of, is wrong. We don't know what real strategies are in place. We only see the optics. We are reacting to the "optics". Remember that Stephen Harper changed from lizard-eyed, kitten eating, fascist, secret-agenda man, to Canada's "veteran PM" with "cunning", and "skillful handling of issues", almost overnight.

I am by no means defending Mr. Dion. I did not support him in the leadership. Still, I say he needs a chance to display his plan. I like the guy. Most of us do. I would say most non-sovereignist Canadians do. He put on a great performance during the Quebec/national crisis in the 90s. He talks (a lot) about the environment. Everyone likes the environment - even (seemingly so) these new Conservatives.

Blogs that are "constructively critical" of the party, MPs, or leader are helpful. As long as they are constructive. Some people will "go off" when blogging, but you have to look at the majority of blogs (when you're scanning them), and formulate an opinion based on that majority. People come to Liblogs because they are Liberal, or wanting to know what Liberals are thinking. They read the blogs, and formulate opinions - usually - based on the most common "threads". Liblogs reflects a balance that has bloggers of all sorts blogging into a kind of gray middle ground. I don't think the media - or anyone that looks at our blogs - will have their opinion seriously skewed by one blog, or one write-up.

I, for one, will continue to maintain my method of expressing opinion. I urge other bloggers to continue as well. Don't leave the "community", and certainly don't leave the party. Change is best affected from within.

As for today's headlines, and how the Party is handling them? I will continue to add positive "critique". Let the Conservatives stew in the taint of their bribery scandal a little bit more. Maybe a few weeks. That way the scandal doesn't die out while it's being sent to "committees", or to an outside adjudicator. That way it carries with some momentum - right into the election campaign.

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