Monday, March 03, 2008

The "Confather" Speaks.... Cadscam Pt. 4

It's pretty typical for the Don, Stephen Harper - "The Confather", if you will, to say one thing, then say something completely different days, months, or years later...

Remember the "defeatist attitude" of the Maritimes?

Remember the "immigrants living in ghettos West of Winnipeg"?

Remember him calling Canada a "Northern European welfare state"?

Remember his (in writing) call for a firewall to be built around Alberta?

Remember his answers to questions about all these things in the last election? All "The Confather" could say was, "Gomery, Gomery, Gomery.... Blah... blah... Gomery... Libranos... Gomery... Blah, blah, ... tax cuts... He didn't ANSWER the questions. He ducked and dodged and went after some low level operatives in the Liberal Party - and managed (with media help) to taint the entire party just enough that some votes slipped away. Add to that the false allegations and attacks on the honorable Mr. Goodale (yes the Dippers brought it up first, but where did the info come from?, and the Cons DID make it one of their OWN questions), the false allegations against Mr. Cretien (re: Shawinigate).

Wow... seems like "The Confather" found a great way to get elected: level deviously shady allegations against the government - let the conservative-dominated media machine (see: CanWest/NatPost, Quebecor, etc.) run with it, and voila' - instant "New Government". It didn't hurt that all the blustering about the Gomery Inquiry covered up Harper's own "imperfections", like, for example, all his two-faced stances when it came to the issues listed above...

Now, "The Confather" would like us to not believe what he was "on the record" as saying to the writer of the Cadman book (even the part about, "uh, this is not for publication?"). He would like us not to believe what he said about, "financial considerations" (again, ON THE RECORD). No... "The Confather" would like Canadians to believe that his new story is the right one (after he's had a chance - cerebral guy that he is - to carefully craft his crafty response to the scandal).

I think Canadians (and hopefully the media) are seeing right through this stuff, and are ready to bring "The Confather" and/or his henchmen to the mat on this one. At the VERY LEAST we need a full investigation. Anything else is a slap in the face of democracy.

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