Friday, March 07, 2008

Infantile Conservative Government

So what exactly is it with a government that denies any accountability for any wrongdoing, or even error? That yells and screams when accused of wrongdoing? That will go to any length to attack, yet no-one DARE attack them? A government that in little more than 2 years has created more - and far more serious - scandals than any past government in such a short time frame.

What do we call a government, that, when it doesn't get it's way, wants to take all it's toys and go home? That loves to say, "wasn't me". Cries to "Mom" (Auditor General, Ethics Commissioner) for years, but when it's their turn to be looked into, discredits "Mom"? A government that decides not only to bully and pick fights in it's own neighborhood, but goes out of it's way to be influenced by the juvenile delinquent in the adjoining neighborhood (Dubya, of course) into doing his bidding (see Foreign policy, NAFTA-gate, Kyoto-denial, etc.)?

What do we call that scornful, angry, prejudiced, infantile, collection of haters? Why, the federal Conservatives, of course. The federal Conservatives have given a new definition to the word "juvenile". They are the schoolyard bully. The aggressive child with insecurity issues. And their leader - le infante terrible - none other than Stephen Harper. The chief pig at the trough. The bully who knows all - insists on it, as a matter of fact - yet, apparently lies to Canadians and claims, like Schultz on Hogan's Heroes, "I know noth-ing..."

In due time, this band of would-be destroyers of the Canadian identity will go down in defeat. As a Liberal Opposition, it is our duty to ensure we hold le infante terrible's feet to the fire. Let's see the pigs at the Ottawa trough become the pigs on a spit, as we carefully slow roast them to ensure they show all their warts...

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MilitantLiberal said...

Great post. I'm one of those clowns to the left of you (awesome slogan) and we love it when you fry those pig jokers on the right. Infantile is the perfect word to describe Harper's whole band of republican bully boys and the women who love them.