Monday, March 03, 2008

Cadscam... Proof Is Still The Proof... Malfeasance, Part 3

"I didn’t regard it as a “Party” initiative, but rather; the overzealous indiscretion of a couple of individuals…."

And with those words, and Harpo's ugly threats, some neoCons think the issue is "done". Think again.

The fact remains the TAPES are still there. The tapes and a book - both insinuating that "financial considerations" (right from Harpo's mouth) were made.

The fact IS, that the public still gets a look at the uglier side of Parliamentary politics - involving the Conservative Party and/or senior members/employees of that party. A party, might we add, which was "creating a new level of openness and integrity" in Parliament. LOL... LOL... I say, "same old Tory, same old story".

Fact is, Stephen Harper gave an interview on the topic, and was very worried that the interview would be "public". Why was Stephen worried the interview would be "on the record"? What does he not want the public to know? He needs to be asked, and in a forum where he can't give a terse political answer. Only a court can help clear this up.

Fact is, Donna Cadman indicated that an offer was made by SOMEONE with power in the CONSERVATIVE PARTY.

Fact is, the Cadman's daughter was very clear, very recently, about an "indecent proposal" being made.

Fact is, EVEN IF this was, "the overzealous indiscretion of a couple of individuals…", it makes it a MORE TROUBLING ACT than what occurred in the whole "Adscam" affair. Adscam involved "overzealous" low-lying members of the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party with an inappropriate fundraising scheme. Cadscam seems clearly to involve Conservative Party operatives (in what appears to be a pre-defined mission) attempting to secure an MP's vote with "financial considerations".

What's good for the goose, is certainly good for the very malfeasant gander... Cadscam - appearing as it does to be more serious than Adscam - deserves a very thorough investigation. Stephen Harper - if anyone - should be jumping up and down screaming for an investigation, if he is indeed innocent of any wrongdoing - rather than threatening lawsuits so he can pull a snap election and avoid this issue from harming his re-election chances.

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