Monday, March 10, 2008

Malfeasance - Part Deux

For years the Reform-Allia-Cons screamed about the "dirty politics" in Quebec. They railed against what they called the Liberal attempts to "buy" "no" votes in Quebec... Back when we were busy trying to save the country... Remember that?

So if WE were accused of trying to influence the "no" vote - what, may I ask is this???

Malfeasance. Pure and simple.


Watch the media ignore this story - even though it's direct pandering for votes - not trying to save the country or anything like that. Wonder what all those Quebecers in BQ or Liberal ridings think of this??? If Quebecers gave us a hard time for trying to save the country, just what will they do with the Harper Conservatives grossly skewed spending in Conservative ridings in that province???

Stay tuned. We hope to hear more about this - from all honest media outlets...

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