Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Not Cadscam... But Did "The Con-father" Have Something To Do With This Too???

Interfering in another country's election is pretty much an international incident. Actually that's exactly what it is. Did Peter McKay's Foreign Affairs Dept. (who begged and pleaded for an interview with a low level Obama "advisor") intentionally interfere in Obama's campaign to cast doubt on the (likely) Democratic nominee's integrity???

Was this another case of the all-knowing, control-freak, "Con-father", helping his American Republic masters? One has to say, "why not"? I mean, half of Stephen Harper's election machine is made up of Republican advisors from the US - helping the Conservatives brew an American-style campaign up here in Canada (yeah, it still is Canada the last time I checked)...

Harper is an all-knowing control freak. He knows all the things going on around him. His office ceaselessly briefs and debriefs his MPs and Cabinet. AS IF he doesn't know what's been going on in this scandal, or Cadscam, or Isotope-gate, or any of the numerous other scandals a-brewin' in Conservative-land.

Sometimes, Mr. Harper, being an all-knowing control-freak isn't such a good thing. You run the most centralized PMO and power structure in Ottawa in all of Canadian history. Do you really expect ANYONE to believe you had know prior knowledge (or helped with the planning of) of any of these scandals??? C'mon, get off it.

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