Thursday, March 06, 2008

Conservative Scandals Continue Today... But...

Conservative scandals continue today, but we have some interesting news coming out of the Liberal camp. Time to touch on this - briefly.

Concerning the upcoming motion in the HofC by our party - you all know the one... Is this a brilliant tactical move, or just a "loose motion"...? Several bloggers have already condemned the motion - before it even hits the floor...

Looking at the motion, it does certainly "tell it like it is". It is really to the point. The challenge is, it seems to lament a past, that is just that - the past. It's intent is not to do that, but the spin will be there. Still, once the motion is voted on, and voted against by the NDP and Bloc, it will be in the books. Nothing will prevent a Liberal ad from carrying the info and making it clear to voters just where the NDP stood on the matter.

This motion is NOT for a bump in the current polls. No, it is planning for the future, and future radio and TV ads. They can make fun of us now - they won't when the ads are released come election time. Of course, this is all just wild speculation on my part, but doesn't it make sense? Actually, it's the only rational explanation that makes any sense - besides the "holy shit, they've lost it!" approach.

I'm taking a more fatalistic approach to politics these days. What we have is a result of karma. The balance of the universe (or the political status quo, if you will), will stay close to center as long as we have: a) no Conservative majority, or b) no NDP majority (they being the two parties furthest to either wing of the political spectrum). Point "a" is a real (and frightening) possibility. Point "b" is a joke.

I'm looking at it all this way: We have a leadership team that is trying to make their best go of it. We could say they're inexperienced, but c'mon, Dion's been around through a LOT of campaigns, and a lot of his top lieutenants came from the old Martin or Cretien camps. A "green" leader is one who was not an MP for very long, or one who just came up from provincial ranks - or private life. They know what they're doing, and let them accept the responsibility for their actions. Sure there have been gaffes, but most everything is part of the plan, I'm sure. One has to wonder, however, if some of the bad advice is being given by advisers who worked with some of the other camps that joined with Dion in his leadership victory... Perhaps still planning on completing their run??? Nah... that would never happen.

Let the powers that be do their elected jobs. If, after the best laid plans, we fail, look like a bunch of blithering idiots, or what have you, then we have a clearly defined process within our organization to make changes. We are a party LOADED with extremely bright and hard-working MPs. Our party is NOT bereft of talent (as is the case with the Federal Conservatives). As a matter of fact, being middle of the road allows us to have some of the best thinkers of our times within our ranks. We have some incredibly adept politicians waiting in the wings, and some real young stars: People like Brian Tobin, Ralph Goodale, Ruby Dhalla, Mark Holland, Nav Bains, Denis Coderre, David McGuinty, Pablo Rodruiquez, Justin Trudeau, etc. What do all these folks have in common? Inspiring performance in the Commons (Justin, not yet), solid educational backgrounds, worldly experience, exceptional people skills (very important in our game), and just the right amount of flair and panache to lead.

So... fellow Liberals, unlike the Conservative Party, we don't have to focus entirely on one man or woman. Our party is MUCH more than just the leader, or leadership team. If that team does meet with failure, we have a VAST field of stars to choose from to replace them. But, until we can say we have "issues" or "challenges", LET THEM ALL DO THEIR JOBS!!! Remember, we haven't had an election yet. I'm a "hawk" too, but we need to ensure our ducks are in a row before we pull the plug on this scandal ridden government. Besides, we need to keep the Cons around long enough to hear more of the delectable scandal stories.

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