Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"A Budget About Nothing" From The Government About Nothing...

(Conservative Cabinet in flight)

The Cons have effectively taken the deficit question off the table in any future election campaign, by introducing this mammoth one today. When we go to the polls, the next time, Liberal leaders will not have to be "afraid" of spending money where needed, and aspire to have a REAL Liberal budget.

We can REALLY put Canadians back to work, REALLY inject incentive into green industries and public transport (with no strings grants to municipalities), REALLY address the economic issues at hand.

An election will take a completely different light when ALL parties are indicating that a deficit is GOOD for the recession.

Things like...

- truly universal daycare to help struggling parents;

- new hospital funding;

- shovels in the ground on twinning the TCH RIGHT NOW;

- more help for EI programs and retraining (rather than "nothing").

- 1st and final years of university or trade school education paid for (based on a passing mark).

- direct aid for Northern and 1st Nations communities.

This government - by abandoning any conservative principles it had, and now aimlessly putting up "PR policies" - has proven that it truly is a "government about nothing". I'm surprised that Flaherty didn't talk about mythical companies called "Vandelay Industries", or "Kramerica".

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Anonymous said...

I'm no conspiracy theorist, but didn't I read somewhere that Harper, while a member of the NCC and Reform party sought to bankrupt government to make it as small as possible. This theoretically would empower the people and greatly lessen government power. Just sayin.