Thursday, January 29, 2009

Counter The Attack Ads - Join The Liberal Victory Fund!

Our party suffered through some heinous and untruthful ads attacking Stephane Dion for the past 2 years. Today the NDP has launched radio ads to try to discredit Michael for his bold actions.

Why did we suffer for the last two years??? Because people like you and I were not donating to the party. We did not have the funds to run ads to counter the Conservative ads. We were still paying off leadership debts.

We can expect continued NDP attacks (Layton is fighting for his political life), and Conservative ads in the future.

We have seen a huge "uptake" in donation support over the past month, but we need YOUR help to cross this next hurdle.

We are strong in policy and solutions for Canada.

We are strong in leadership.

We are strong in talent (just look at our benches).

We are strong in tradition.

We are strong in brand recognition.

Your party needs you to shore up the ONLY thing anyone can say we are weak on right now - campaign funds for Stephen Harper's new "year-round campaign mode" - recently adopted by the NDP. Politics in Canada has changed, and we need to unite around the sole purpose of adapting to the "new way".

Please join us in our fight - join the Liberal Victory Fund.

Share the message by joining our Facebook Group - and invite all your friends, regardless of political persuasion.

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Ian said...

What "bold actions" are you talking about? Rhetoric and a fake wannabe amendment? Throwing Canadian women and the poor under the (neo-)neo-con bus?

WesternGrit said...

Patience, my dear friend, patience. I know matters are urgent right now, but another $400 Million on an election would have crushed the opposition, and heralded a Conservative majority. The risk to the country's future was too great. Liberal values will return to Ottawa - within the year. Mark my words. If you don't believe me, read what ALL the mainstream media is saying (even in Quebec), including the Post, G&M, and Star.

The Mound of Sound said...

WG, I know you're trying so hard to be sincere but please. If we're so damned strong on talent, why does Ignatieff, the relative newcomer, have them all gagged?

We are indeed strong in tradition but there's nothing of Laurier, Pearson or Trudeau in Ignatieff. From Gaza, to women's rights and equality, to everything else wrong with the Harper-Ignatieff budget, there's not a trace of Liberal tradition in this interim leader.

If we were strong in policy and solutions for Canada we would have offered them up as an alternative to Harper's budget. We didn't. Speaks volumes.

Over the Christmas holiday I visited "Michael's" web site to see how he was getting along with drafting some sort of position in opposition to Harper when the house was unlocked. Iggy's web site informed all and sundry that he was busy as a bee - finishing off his new book. The country is entering an economic crisis, this guy is the leader who claims he's the man to lead Canada and he's spending his time working on a f@#king book?

Walkom's and Travers' op-ed pieces in today's Toronto Star are dead on. This man has done nothing, zero for Canada, especially the most vulnerable.

Here's what I foresee happening. Iggy hangs on until he's ready to pounce and then triggers a confidence vote. The NDP MPs line up outside the Centre Block with signs reading "you made your bed, you lie in it" and make sure their benches are empty for the vote.

They can glue these two guys together, belly to belly. And Iggy would have no one to blame for it but himself.

WesternGrit said...

Would you guys call this a "conservative" budget? Maybe a "progressive conservative" budget, but certainly not conservative. I would certainly say that none of the coalition had anything to do with this budget. The mere threat of a coalition pushed Harper to change his tune. This is certainly NOT the November "Fiscal Update". Not even close. I take what most of the popular press is saying, and see how it's playing on our leader.

The NDP? We know Layton is a power-whore. He'll be there the next time, just like this time. Remember, only a couple of weeks before the coalition, HE/THEY were right there making fun of Dion. Remember that. Layton and his kin were busily damaging the Liberal brand, and slamming Dion for being a weak leader and backing down from 43 votes in the house. Yeah... those NDP. Now, I don't know about you... but seems to me, they "came around" pretty quick to embrace Dion when they sensed Layton could be a cabinet minister. Don't worry - the moment will come, and the NDP will be there. You can count on a "no" vote from them, and we can play it close to our chests anyway.

We can create the defeat of the government ANY TIME WE WANT, simply because the NDP and Bloc will ALWAYS be thinking that we will vote with Harper. Imagine their surprise when they all vote "no", and WE Liberals do too? Michael has created the ideal conditions - the "reports to the nation" (which WILL be confidence matters) - which will draw a vote. We won't tip our hand, as is our way. We don't announce our intentions like the NDP and Bloc do weeks before a vote. And they will never know how we will vote.

They would do much better to be nice to us, or they could have their bluff "called" in March.

Strategy my dear friend, strategy.