Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Is Missing Here?

Great email from Michael, sent out to all Liberals. Well thought out. Solid reasoning. Addressing topics that Liberals and other Canadians from all walks of life shared with him during the nationwide town hall meetings.

So why do I think something is missing? Look closely. In Barack Obama's emails (yeah, I'm on that mailing list too) he inserts a plea for funds after every 2nd or 3 paragraph. We are missing a KEY fundraising opportunity. There should be a rule somewhere stipulating that NOTHING goes out to ANYONE in the party without a link, address, or form with a plea for funds to help us continue our struggle for good government in this land of ours.

I Support The Liberal Victory Fund

I'll get my tax credit in April - Will You?

We even include a link on how to "un-subscribe" to these emails. Imagine THAT. WE provide a "let us get out of your face" link, but not a plea for donations, or for the Victory Fund? 

(edit): Then again - I know we are using a lot of input from the Obama campaign, so perhaps I'm jumping the gun here.  Judging by the feedback from the comments below, I probably am just getting "overly anxious" due to my fund-raising history.  Keep up the good work folks.  Let's stay on target, and get rid of the conservative cancer blighting our land.

Have a read (it's a good statement on the budget):

Dear Liberal,

After carefully reviewing the budget with our Liberal Team I wanted to share with you our next steps.

During my tour this past month you’ve said over and over again that you don’t want further delays and you want the support you were promised. But you also said that you want the government held accountable, they failed you in the past and lost your trust.

I want you to know that the Liberal Team listened. We are prepared to support the budget but will be putting forward an amendment that will ensure that the government is held accountable, to you, and to Parliament.

We are putting Stephen Harper on probation.

If the government fails to satisfy the expectations of Canadians we will be ready to defeat him.

Stephen Harper insists that accountability is important, but he has lost credibility and the trust of Canadians by failing to deliver on promises made in the past. We must ensure that the economic measures offered in this budget actually reach the people they are meant to help.

If the accountability reports in March, June, and December are unsatisfactory we will withdraw our support.

A united Opposition forced Stephen Harper to concede important points in yesterday’s budget:

  • new investment in social housing and infrastructure, including for Canada’s First Nations;
  • targeted support for low and middle income Canadians through an expansion of the Child Tax Benefit and Working Income Tax Benefit; and
  • investment in regional development agencies throughout the country.

But, the budget is also flawed in significant ways:

  • it doesn’t go far enough to protect Canadians who have - or will soon – lose their jobs;
  • it opens the door for attacks on pay equity for women;
  • it breaks the Conservatives` promise to all Canadian provinces on equalization;
  • it missed the opportunity for significant stimulus investment towards the green economy;
  • it lacks clear plan for getting us out of the $85 billion hole the government will dig us into over the next five years.

You have made it clear that you want us to act in your best interest and address the economic crisis with the seriousness it deserves.

Thank you for all of your encouragement and for working with me on finding solutions to our Country’s challenges.


To unsubscribe to these emails, click here.

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Steve V said...


This is actually the Obama model to a tee. Obama's people wouldn't solicite every time, and they wouldn't solicite right away. If you review what that campaign did, this fundraising omission is Obama 101. As a matter of fact, I think I remember hearing Rossi speak to exactly this tactic, 3 or 4 mails, before you ask for a dime. This isn't an accident and it tells me the new guy is in charge :)

Andrew P. said...

I think thats the first email I've gotten from Mikey that didn't include a Contribute button at the bottom.

WesternGrit said...

Yeah guys. I was wrong. Getting a little excited with my "get up and go", "let's get 'em boys" attitude. I have actually discussed this with potential voters - telling one of my colleagues about the "Obama-like" strategies being used by our team. I was on a bit of a "rant mode" this morning. Being someone who has raised lots of money for various events, I hate seeing any communication going out without a fund-raising solicitation.

Thanks for your feedback!

Socially Active said...

Michael and the Liberals are screwed.

> I think for Ignatieff, getting rid of Harper now is not his priority. He can wait a year or two.

He is needs to wait a year or two and HOPE Canadians forget.

Dion let Harper walk over him.
Michael joined Harper, just one month after Harper set out to completely destroy balanced elections and the Liberals in the process through cutting election funding. How could Michael join Harper after that? Please tell me.

Michael and the Liberals are screwed. Neither the NDP or the BLOC will ever come to their aid again. Listen to what was said, I am pretty sure they met and more.

This is NOT probation. Harper has absolute victory.

The opposition has been divided and conquered. Thanks to Michael joining Harper even after what Harper has done.

penlan said...

All the mailing I've received from the Libs & their different MP's have always asked for monetary donations. Like Andrew said, this is the 1st one that didn't.

Andrew P. said...

Just clicked on the link in past emails and it seems the Contribute button is for his Leadership Campaign and not to the Victory Fund.

I know party of the campaign money raised goes to the party anyway, but what about the rest?

robert said...

Don't know how else to reach you so I've piggybacked this one herein. As an Albertan you may want to comment in-depth.