Monday, January 26, 2009

New Mantra From The "Government About Nothing": "An Economic Crisis Not Of Our Doing"

Have you heard it? The latest catch-phrase from "Con-Central" (or Comedy Central, if you will), and PM "Kruger" Harper?

Conservative MPs have been out there talking about the "budget" (call it "the deficit" if you prefer - I mean, I couldn't budget MY family that way - we'd be on the street).

Listen closely and you'll hear their first lines abdicate any responsibility for the financial crisis...

It goes a little like this... (if you hear from Prentice, or Baird, or any of the talking heads...):

"We Conservatives are the "victims"..."

"In the words of Bart Simpson, "I didn't do it""

"We're in a time of economic hardships - FOR WHICH WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE - but, we ARE taking action... yada, yada, yada... budget about nothing... tax nazi line ("no tax for you!" [no services either, but we'll cross that bridge when YOU come to it])... yada, yada."

One Conservative MP to another: "You can't 'yada-yada' a budget, can you?" Other MP: "He just did"

Based on Layton's statements today ("It's an NDP Budget" from Mr. Harper), and Michael's points that this was a little more conciliatory, this budget just may pass. It may even be passed unanimously by all parties. THAT would be something!

So, what's next from our fabulous "government about nothing"? How will they get us out of debt? How will they get Canadians to work? Shower-heads that squeeze off our water supply, giving us all John Baird hair? Someone coming around cutting off our cable signal? Maybe they'll give the opposition the "evil eye" again? Maybe they'll get us all to haul our empty drink cans across provincial borders in Canada Post vans to claim the higher deposit in the next province...

Can't wait to see what Prime Minister "Kruger" and his band of merry men have in store for tomorrow...

"Oh the humanity!"

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Dman said...

So glaringly apropos Grit … entertaining, genuinely funny, factual & informative !!!