Friday, January 02, 2009

MUST Play This Game...

In much of the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Asia, throwing your shoe at someone is the height of disrespect. It is a sign of contempt, and basically says, "my shoes touch the filthy ground, and that's where you belong"... Don't think much of the Western media caught this (or figured it out) when this incident first occurred.

Anyways, in the spirit of the waning days of Bush's White House, here is a wonderful game that moderate citizens the world over can enjoy for hours... Whether you're pissed at him over his "morally righteous" stances at home, his making of a police state in America, his handling of "US Foreign Relations", or his total defecation on anything resembling "fiscal/economic responsibility" (he IS - along with NeoCons everywhere, after all responsible for this global economic crisis).

To quote Pat Benetar: "Hit me with your best shot... Fire away!"

Happy New Year Canada!

ps: We won't have to endure any more of the "Presidential" displays as in the picture above...

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Anonymous said...

O know not the disrespectful shoe i'm sure its insulting...cough cough