Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Law and Order"

Three off-duty Greater Vancouver Police officers attacked and viciously beat a 50 + year old father of 3 recently.  He was a newspaper delivery driver, on his route, dropping off papers at a series of boxes in downtown Vancouver.

His "crime"?

Being brown.

According to witnesses the three off-duty officers were heard telling the victim they were the police - when he screamed for the police, and for help.  They told him to stop struggling, or they'd taser him.  They told him they hate brown people, among other racial epithets.  

These "fine" young examples of Vancouver's best better see some serious jail time for this heinous and unprovoked crime.  Anything less is a slap in the face of minorities, AND in the face of justice.  

Police need to be investigated by civilian watchdogs, AND should not get off easy for committing crimes.  They are not "just human" - they are held to a higher standard as protectors of justice.  Police officers across the land should be insulted by this racist, juvenile, and moronic crime.

It remains to be seen if the three will be charged with a hate crime - considering the Harper government's push to rip the cajones off of hate crime legislation...

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DavidA said...

I don't think Harper wants to change hate crime legislation in the criminal code.

Our problem is with the way it functions in the HRC's, which behaves like a parallel justice system with none of the oversight.

WesternGrit said...

You don't "think", or you don't know? The HRCs are an added function to our democracy, and are vital for human rights. They are independent of our justice system.

If something isn't quite working as smoothly as it should, it's best to fine tune it, than to destroy it. This is a philosophical argument in which Harper and his ilk have no use or liking for HRCs, or the rights they defend in many cases.