Friday, January 23, 2009

Conservatives Squander Canada's Future In 25 Billion Dollar "Boondoggle"

Canada's Conservatives have so little faith in their economic "management skills", that they're asking Canadians to support a budget before we even see it, in their most extraordinary and infantile pre-campaign campaign ads.  Disgusting.  These hate-mongers want "cooperation" like they want same-sex marriage.

Our MPs - and ALL Canadians - should take a bit of a "truth pill" before believing anything in the Harper/Con budget:

Ralph Goodale, Paul Martin, et al left Canada with a balanced budget (9 consecutive balanced budgets actually), and a 12 Billion dollar surplus held as a contingency fund.

Harper's Conservatives not only dug the 13 Billion dollar hole that we are currently in BEFORE any bailouts of adjustments were made for the "newly discovered" (by Harper-Flaherty, at least) economic woes, but they also squandered the 12 Billion dollar Liberal surplus.

13 Billion + 12 Billion = 25 Billion

25 Billion (with a capital B).  Most Canadians stop fathoming large amounts of money pretty much once the number hits a Million $.  To most of us, that's a huge sum.  Imagine 1000 Millions x 25!!!

While our MPs will have plenty to dig into with the upcoming Harper budget, we MUST ask, "Where, Mr. Harper/Deficit Jim, did the 25 Billion Dollars go?"  The biggest financial boondoggle in Canadian history.

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ottlib said...

One word:


There, now all of the Conservative trolls can just keep moving along.

burntfoot said...

Excellent point! But it's typical sneaky-eyed Harper, skulking in and out of the public eye, always ready to hoist his skirt and run in the direction dictatedd by the lastest poll.
Any bets the pollsters are cleaning up at taxpayers expense as Harper "tests", the winds?
The printing costs are probably way up too. I suspect Harper has 3 or 4 different 'budgets', ready depending on what those taxpayer funded polls tell him.
Leadership by poll. Hmmmm?