Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who's With Me?

I don't want a coalition as much as I want to defeat this government and defeat them in an election.

I want to see the ads with Harper wagging his middle finger in our faces with the "no recession comments", and the "great deals on stock out there" comments. Just that image alone - Harper leaned back - slumped in his chair - poking a sharp stick into sensible Canadians' eyes, would be enough to smack him back to Cochrane, AB, where he belongs (yeah, he doesn't live in his "own" riding either).

My previous posts about where we should spend (going back to last year) - highways, bridges, rail transit, TCH twinning, universities, hospitals, etc. still apply (even more so right now). Just where does Joe Public think these things will come from - if not from government? Even P3s cost all levels MOST of their prices.

Time for Canada to WAKE THE F@CK UP!!! Conversely, we can sit in front of our 65" flat screens, remote in hand, chompin' on the Timbits and large coffee we just did our thrice-daily Tim's run for (adding to the health care crisis, as we did so), while we watch piped in American crap ("reality" programming and FOX "news"), and read our American celebrity magazines, while our kids play "shoot 'em up" video games in the basement, forgetting the human skills of communication and reading...

I watched a rather funny spoof of the US a while back - called "Idiot Nation". I think it is an extreme, but rather descriptive of how far "stupid culture" can take us. We just need people like Harper, the Bushies, and the rest of the NeoCon generation to keep dumbing-down the discourse...

The dumbing down stops intelligent people from questioning. It stops intelligent people from being heard, and it prevents intelligent solutions from being conceived. Conservative governments have been notoriously poor financial managers, and even less capable of pulling Canada out of a recession. The only "fix" they think they know is "tax cuts". That's their solution to everything: Economy is slowing down - tax cut. Public funds are running low - tax cut. Your child can't find a school? Tax cut. Waiting in line at the hospital? Tax cut. Kids sick? Tax cut. Constipated Conservative? Tax cut.

Time for intelligent people to stand up and take Canada back from the brink. Time to give Harper the boots... We have the momentum. We have the Leader. We have the Team. We have the ideas. We have the capability. We can do it.

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Cari said...

You think the people will agree with you? The ones that vote for Harper won't, but then again they are not too intelligent.
Do the Liberals have enough money"
I can see Harper going to the GG. and begging for an election,.... an election that would cost what we cannot afford....and you can't be sure the GG will go for the coalition.

Anonymous said...

Keep drinking that Kool Aid.

WesternGrit said...

I would say, "coalition if necessary, but not necessarily coalition".

I'm looking forward to an election. I think we have the means in place to galvanize the base with a fundraising drive. If an election is called today, my $1300 is on it's way to party HQ. I think Harper is D-E-A-D in Quebec. They hate him as much as they hated his ilk in 1993, 1997, and 2000. His party is going to get devastated in Quebec.

With gains in Quebec, we can focus on Ontario and BC, and winning back seats in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Edmonton, as well as the North parts of the Prairies.

The money will come. We've been working on a grassroots mechanism for months. We've also been growing the membership like crazy. The money is coming with it...

To Anon Con-troll: Keep drinking YOUR koolaid (Funny you wingnuts love to toss around the "kool aid" comment, when it's original usage refers to those right wing religious nuts who doused themselves back in Jonestown years ago).

gingercat said...

I agree with you, but not like that accounts for much.

Infrastructure spending in any form far outweighs any other fiscal stimulus.

"coalition if necessary, but not necessarily coalition." I would rather have the Liberals win in an election, but if not possible a coalition is acceptable.

I am not a member of any political party, just a citizen that likes to stay informed and takes the time to consider all sides.

There is a great truth to your reasoning and if more people would set aside their criticisms, we would all be better off. But that doesn't look like that will happen soon.

WesternGrit said...

Thanks for the comments Gingercat.