Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Greatest Day In American History

Welling up with tears as I watch this.  It's about time.  This change is going to matter.  This change is going to make a difference.

God bless America.  Maybe people CAN change...  Maybe there is HOPE that hard right ideology can be swept aside by moderation and strength of character...

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Mark McLaughlin said...

Perhaps your overstating it a little. All this hero worship isn't going to do Obama any good. I honestly wish the best for him. God knows he has a brutal first term ahead of him in righting the USA ship, but if he falters simply due to high expextations, it's nobody's fault but his legions of adoring fans.

RuralSandi said...

Ah, I think it's one of several greatest days in American history.

penlan said...

It's a relief isn't it? Bush/Cheney gone. Like a huge weight is lifted.

Now all we need is to do the same thing here - get rid of Harper.

WesternGrit said...

I'm not talking about what the man can or cannot do. As a person of visible minority, not being able to feel, but being able to understand what African Americans went through, I can understand how this single point in American History has changed the way a giant minority relates to their nation. It has "brought in" a group that very often was left out intentionally. It is going to change the way young African American kids dream when growing up.

These facts alone make it the greatest moment in American History. I don't even have to get into the 400 years of slavery that all the infrastructure of America was built on, and the lynchings, and "apartheid" that followed in way of "thank you"...

Before anyone pooh-poohs this, THINK about the significance to the American people - in changing attitudes and fulfilling dreams that this will make. Think not of the changes Obama will make in the world, but how the world will perceive America. This is the MOST significant change in America since their Independence. While the Civil War was a huge impact on that society, today's events are the tail end of the angst and anger of that civil conflict. Pearl Harbor was part of one war in many. The lunar landing was a nice "trip".

Today, all America had hope, as people of truly ALL races could stand and applaud the change.

Forget about what he may or may not accomplish. His election alone has accomplished much - without words, and without a single shot being fired. THAT is the significance of this day.

Thanks for the comments.

penlan said...

I found it an extremely emotional day. And I was quite surprised by that - in my emotions I mean.

To see the joy, tears, & pride in the people at the ceremony, & such sheer numbers of them, was overwhelming. Whether Obama can do many of the things he said he would do will remain to be seen. But a huge weight was lifted for not just the American people but for many globally to see the end of a very nasty regime - euphoric.

Now we need to get rid of our oppressive govt., & it's leader, here in Canada. I do feel oppressed & it isn't a word I thought of, or realized I felt, until today after seeing the change of admin in the States yeaterday. We have work to do.