Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dhalla Vindicated

Dhalla vindicated as maid recants fabricated passport story... Told you so... Looks like a "Con Fab" to distract us from Mulroney...

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Anonymous said...

Is that so? Let's be careful here. And get all the facts. For one, hasn't RD been paying then below their wage. These documents exist. I believe I heard that.

I do hope RD was not an exploiter of these women.
I met RD at the convention. I hope I shook the hand of an honest woman, and an honest Liberal MP.

HOWEVER, this kind of exploitation and worse does occur. Why would there two disempowered nanny women fabricate this 'abuse' story? To ruin
RD's career? Why? Doesn't add up, and would be hard to believe. The story continues. I hope RD is vindicated however is she is not, she will have to step down.
One day at a time..


Anonymous said...

I know you posted this on the fly, but I don't understand. I thought an agency representative confirmed she had confronted Dhalla via phone to return the passport within 24 hours.

So what has been recanted?

I hope what you say is true, but it's a bit vague at this point. I read news reports of the testimony today, and don't recall anything about anyone recanting what they've already said.

ottlib said...

Con Fib perhaps?

Anonymous said...


Elaborate please. Good news if true, but I don't see that anywhere in the media.

WesternGrit said...

Looking for a link. I saw it somewhere on the TV, I believe. I'm also shocked at how the reporting is focused on everything else...

Reid said...

Don't count your chickens before they hatch.


Mason said she first phoned Neil Dhalla, Ruby Dhalla's brother, because it was a local number. He told her to call his sister in Ottawa.Mason, who said she remembered hesitating before making the long-distance call because of Intercede's small budget, recalled that conversation on Thursday for the committee.

"I gave her clear direction she was breaking the law and she had 24 hours in which to return the documents. I remember that clearly."

Mason said the documents were returned the next day, so for her the case was closed, until it resurfaced in the media a few weeks ago.

Mason characterized the phone call as unpleasant, saying Dhalla argued with her and asked whether Mason knew who she was talking to. Mason said she didn't know when she made the phone call that Dhalla was a politician.

WesternGrit said...

So when she dialed a number in Ottawa, which was answered in the official manner, she didn't realize it was a Member of Parliament? Sounds pretty fishy. Even if the passports were in Dhalla's hands, it makes more sense to me that a wanna-be landed immigrant status recipient would want to get help "getting in" the country. I still believe the Dhalla's story: that when the maids couldn't (or wouldn't) provide proper documentation as to their legitimate ability to work in Canada, they were dismissed. It is very possible that the maid asked Dhalla to "do her a favor" in moving along paperwork as MPs do. I know of many MP's offices which ask "help-seekers" to show them passports and paperwork. Now it is possible that since Dhalla isn't home a lot the documents were sent to her office. Quite reasonable, really.

I'm still wondering about the report that said the maids' testimony was changing during the committee.

Also - keep in mind that the woman who is "distinctly clear" about what she supposedly heard on the phone is the SAME person who was witnesses telling Jason Kenney's and/or his people that she would like her organization working more closely with his department. We all know how many people are simply dying to get on immigration and ref boards or even immigration judge-ships... Just sayin'...

You're right - this is FAR from over - even though some government MPs were driving nails into a coffin already...