Tuesday, May 05, 2009

NDP Pushes For Death Tax & Increase To Wine/Beer Taxes

I thought the BC-NDP might score a few cheap points by going against everything they stand for and opposing a carbon tax. Then they do this:

Just when you thought the NDP had run out of things to tax, they've found two more - death and beer.

Yes, these two bombshells rocked the NDP campaign today.


    Recently an NDP candidate surprised all participants at an all-candidates forum when he directly endorsed the introduction of a new tax on inheritance – sometimes called a “death tax” – if the NDP were elected.

    Shockingly, the NDP not only want to increase taxes on you while you’re alive, but they also want to increase taxes on you after you’re gone.


    Yesterday the NDP confirmed they will increase costs for private liquor retailers by $155-million over the next three years resulting in an average $3 increase in the price of a six-pack of beer – risking thousands of jobs in over 650 retail stores.

    As British Columbians kick back with their friends and family and enjoy the Canucks' playoff run and the arrival of summer, the last thing they need to hear is that the NDP will jack up the price of beer and wine.

While people are worried about their jobs during the global economic downturn, the NDP is trying to find new ways to tax you.

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The Mound of Sound said...

Pray tell, just what does the NDP stand for? They stand foursquare behind organized labour, that much is clear, but everything else seems optional.

I've never voted NDP but I did give them a look this time around being dissatisfied with the ersatz-Liberal Campbell government.

With two frontrunners like these, I think the Greens are going to garner a lot of protest votes.

foottothefire said...

Oh, that is so silly!
Whs don't they just do the typical B.(bring) C. (cash) thing - raise the price/tax for the, 'non-resident?

DavidA said...

By 'non-resident', do you mean U.(uninvited)F.(from)O.(Ontario)'s?


ADHR said...

An increased inheritance tax? Good idea. A 100% tax seems reasonable to me. After all, shouldn't people have to earn their own keep at some point, rather than depending on wealthy relatives?

The liquor "tax" isn't a tax -- it's private retailers choosing to pass along an increased cost to consumers rather than eating it themselves. (Which, incidentally, is exactly what happens when a carbon tax -- a real tax -- is imposed.) Note that it's on private retailers, not public retailers. The idea, apparently, is to squeeze the private retailers out of the market, or at least increase the public stores' share of the market.

The Jurist said...

"Death tax"? I knew the B.C. Libs were off to the right, but when did Newt Gingrich get put in charge of their messaging?

(And when it comes to beer prices, the Libs hardly have much to be proud of themselves.)

pambrose said...

Well it seems that an inheritance becomes an income to the receiver, thus like any other income, it is taxed.

Adding tax onto liquor is a good idea. What better way to get extra money to get our economy back on track. How else are we going to pay for the rising costs of health care that alcohol causes.
AM Fresh

Anonymous said...

I doubt the majority of people will be hit by the inheritance tax. It's likely a move toward the American system, which only hits the top %2 of the population.

I also don't drink, so whether people are more inclined to get their drinks from public or private retailers doesn't really resonate one way or the other with me.

Lord of Wealth said...

The death tax is certainly a family issue because people want to take care of their young even in death. The NDP talk a good game about family values but taxing someones attempt to aid their family members is very anti family.

ADHR, some of those people you will be taxing could be minors who havent had the opportunity to earn their own keep and taxing peoples attempt at saving for the future will simply encourage more immediate consumption and more acceleration towards final collapse. Saving is prudent and the Gov has no business penalizing the rational people