Sunday, May 03, 2009

Thank You!

A great big beautiful BC "thank you" to all Liberals who came to Liberalfest Vancouver 09. I think we shocked a lot of people with our enthusiasm and raw numbers.

Time, now, to drive on and take down this inept, corrupt, and clueless government!

Vive le Canada!

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Lycan Stark said...

Time, now, to drive on and take down this inept, corrupt, and clueless government!Yes! Drive on! WOOT WOOT!

You mean, the Liberals are going to actually stop supporting the Tories in the HOC, by either voting for their policies or abstaining dozens of times? Wowwwwwwwwww! By they way, as a Tory supporter, thank you Liberals for that support. :D

WesternGrit said...

Sure. Whatever. I'm sure the SMARTER thing to do would be to have allowed (under Dion) the Opposition to crumble, or be reduced to nothing, in the face of a contrived "scare" of a "power grab by in illegal coalition" (cough, cough, bullshit, bullshit). The millions in the Con war chest, at the time, would easily have reduced the only voice Canadians had for normalcy and moderation in Parliament. The fact IS, Canadians look to the Liberal Party to be the voice of moderation. The party - at that time - a year ago, made some very tough compromises to avoid sending Canadians to the polls mere MONTHS apart, at a cost of half a billion dollars, AND to ensure that a moderate voice remained operational in the face of Harper's hoodwinking of the public.

Today we have Mr. Harper in a "marriage of convenience" with both the NDP and Bloc - and he had an agreement with them to do it in the past as well (during the Martin years). Harper is also FAR, FAR, more dangerous navigating a recession - which he helped make worse in Canada with his zero down, forty year mortgages, and wasteful tax cuts breaking the bank BEFORE there was a recession (a recession he would later claim didn't exist).

How about that Mr. Layton? Doing the same think he vilified Liberals for?

Lycan - you're probably more mature than your "common sense" lets on, so I'll take your words as partisan rhetoric. But... like we used to say in football (when we were kicking butt on the field): "Take a look at the scoreboard".