Friday, May 08, 2009

Flaherty Responsible For "Leakage"???

Hmmm... This is interesting:

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It just crossed the wires via Bloomberg that Statistic Canada Probes speculation labor data disclosed early (leaked). 

The Canadian dollar violently appreciated in over night activity before the release of the better than expected jobs data, and funny enough do you know who speculates / comments before the jobs data was released and who would have the data from statistics Canada…the good old finance minister and his office. A leak of this sort is similar to the income trust affair it is a market mover and unethical to illegal. With the finance minister’s office having the information better to start to asking questions about who knows what and when and who had the information and what they did with it. 

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Where's the media on this?  Is an MP's FAMILY'S domestic affairs more important than a scandal of this proportion?

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