Monday, May 25, 2009

Possible Theme For Liberal "It's The Economy Stupid" Ads?

This "Goodale Update" provides some insight into a potential "Liberals Strike Back" theme:

(Another very astute observation by Ralph)


Weak.  Childish.  Desperate.

These are words many people are using to describe Stephen Harper’s latest television attack-ads to smear Michael Ignatieff 

The Conservatives are investing millions of dollars in this nasty form of character assassination.  A political party only resorts to such junk-yard dog tactics if they know they’re losing.  This advertising is a glaring admission of Conservative failure.

It’s also insulting to a lot of Canadians.

Never mind Mr. Ignatieff.  He’s strong.  He’ll take care of himself.  In the next election, he will leave Stephen Harper in the dust.

But what about all the new immigrants who have recently come here to make Canada their home?  Mr. Harper’s attack-ads effectively label newcomers as second-class citizens – they’ll never be “real” Canadians, according to the Conservatives.

What about Canadians who have worked outside this country and made themselves successful internationally? 

Canadians like Wayne Gretzky or Mario Lemieux?  Diana Krall or Michael J. Fox?  Conservative Senator Pamela Wallin or CTV broadcaster Tom Clark?  Ambassador Bob Fowler (who was recently held hostage by terrorists in northern Africa) or Louise Arbour (who has crusaded around the world for human rights)?

The Harper attack-ads say people like these are “less Canadian” because they have lived and worked for a while beyond our borders.  Their citizenship is diminished, according to the Conservatives.

Do we really want a government with such destructive, mean-spirited attitudes?

It’s amazing how fast the Harper propaganda machine was able to crank out its vicious negative advertising. 

There are 350,000 unemployed victims of the current Conservative recession in Canada who wish this government could act as fast on effective stimulus measures to create new jobs in this country and make Employment Insurance benefits accessible to all those who have paid for them.

  Now that would be worth some advertising!

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